Gearing Difficulties

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I pvp a lot, I mean its all I do and still have not gathered my full Mal set!
01/23/2013 10:20 PMPosted by Asheraven
Gear is not the one fix all solution to pvp. The random battleground community is full of bots and multiple chain ccs with no DR is ridiculous, you can call my post stupid if you want but there is seriously wrong with the random bg que when one team has six healers in a 10 man event and the other has none not to mention gettin sapped into a fear then shockwaved then rooted until you are dead. Point being gear is not the only issue im afraid.

Maybe they should have a queue system similar to dungeons where you pick what you are and get grouped based on that. Though tank isn't quite as relevant in pvp, healers and dps are very much needed. I think that would help even the group a bit, and then it will rest in gear and the players.
I originally gave up on the PvP grind after getting my weapon in season 3. I tried it for a little while in WotLK but just wasn't having any fun and not making any progress. Mostly due to my lack of gear. Cata, I didn't even bother. I leveled an alt to 68 for twink BGs, and didn't touch wow again until a month ago.

The truth to PvP is that you've always needed gear to PvP. Ever since the introduction of res in BC, there's been this catch 22 where you also need to PvP to get gear. I've never understood the reasoning behind separating PvP and PvE gear. I've always viewed that artificial split as creating 2 games that are at odds with each other.

I still don't know why I'm being forced to carry 2 sets of gear. I've heard the old cop-out of "We don't want people that primarily PvP to feel like they have to PvE for the best gear" and the flip of it way too many times. If you want to PvP you will get gear from playing in PvP. I see no reason why people that PvP should be limited because they decided to go kill a pixilated dragon on their off nights. Limiting player's abilities to enjoy the game in the equipment they've acquired has always had a negative impact on the game. Gear is gear, why should it matter where you get it from?

With LFR and the ease of gearing in MoP, I think it's time to re-evaluate this artificial divide between PvP and PvE. PvP Res and Power should be derived stats. Not secondary stats.
Wish blizzard allowed free realm change would be a much better game.



One of the things we see on occasion from posters on the forums is that it's futile to post because "the blues aren't reading" or "they don't care". Well, not only do we care, but we are reading, and so are the developers.

Players also want to know what 'constructive feedback' means. This thread is a great example of what constructive, well-reasoned feedback looks like. In fact, I don't think it would be a stretch to say that the information and perspectives that you all have provided in this thread (amongst others on similar subjects) went a long way toward helping us identify specific flaws in how gear has been distributed in PvP, and to start implementing a plan for how we can make that system better.

Your thoughts matter, and they're a valuable part of the process as we continually work to make World of Warcraft an ever better experience. We have more work to do, but thanks to everyone who posted their constructive feedback!

Then why is Blizzard comparing pve and pvp ilvls when it's the gap in pvp ilvls alone making arenas a joke?

Obviously Blizzard isn't paying close enough attention?
Hello first id like to state that i am a 2400 player.

i cannot participate in arenas due to my blue gear without loosing to teams that normally with same gear i wouldnt.

That is all.
very nice post nada, you make some very interesting and thoughtful suggestions, Appreciate you taking the time :)

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