Gearing Difficulties

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At the very least they could just remove the season earned requirement on the weapons to help ease the gap quicker
Great idea! This PVP gear issue really sucks. I really like the idea of honor weapons or atl least it would be nice if they took the minimum points required off the t1 weapon for alts. No t1 and crappy gear is not fun.
excellent post Nada, i have 2 90's and i would have more if gearing them wasn't such an issue. I basically gave up on my second 90
This is really killing the game for me. I was focusing on PvE on my Priest at the start of the expansion, while focusing on PvP with my Hunter. At this point my Priest has done no PvP and my Hunter has done no PvE.

If I so chose to, I could get my Hunter geared up within a couple of weeks to at least pull his weight in PvE.

However, I really want to get back into PvP with my Priest (have played him every past season). At this point however, I'd be months behind everyone playing since the start of the season, and would only drift further behind as the item upgrade system takes over and I struggle to get a high cap. At this point I'm basically just going to unsub and play Dota 2 until the start of the next season, at which point I can get back onto even footing.
Great ideas. Would love to see some alt love rolling out.
playing ele when your behind everyone in the world in gear is fun!
Totally agree.
Yes yes yes

Sounds like a very workable idea

Also, Honor weapons especially are an absolute must now that PVP power has been introduced (Though it only ever affects the first season of an expac)
i have seen people in blue gear best people in full malevolent... i get that its a disadvantage for a while... but its not the end of the world. but i agree on upgrading my malevolent... it should be 1 upgrade IF ANY for 500 conquest to give it max ilvl.... i hate the idea i gotta farm for.... ( i have a 3000 conquest cap) 7 1/2 more weeks to be fully upgraded... considering i dont get tier 2 wep then its like 10+ weeks... id love to get a blood offspec set to not have to switch gems for RBGS
This is by far the most frustrating arena season I've played. I have great partners, but all of us started late this season and we're struggling against this gear wall.
To put it in perspective.

All 3 of us are 2200-2600 players who came late to this season. We have 10k, 15k, and 17k arena matches played on our statistics tabs. So we're also very experienced.

Week 1 of games, we were in contender + honor gear. I was completely new to playing a fire mage. We had no idea how most class mechanics worked. In this condition, we played to a rating of 1450.
We stayed at that rating for 3-4 weeks. We played about 1200 arena matches. In that time, we learned our classes and learned our enemy classes. We also got much better at our teamwork. Despite these improvements, our rating DID NOT CHANGE.

It was not until we earned our T1 weapon, that our rating has begun to climb.

1000 arena matches of learning and growth had almost zero impact on our performance. I can't really express how incredibly frustrating that is.

I can tell you exactly what's going to happen to us.
We will climb quickly to 1650. Then over the next MANY weeks, we will slowly climb to 1800 as we switch from blue gear to epic gear. Then we will be stuck there until the end of the season, with no real hope of climbing without a T2 weapon.

What's missing from this equation is: <me>
I feel like I'm the least important factor between gear, comp, class, and player. My 12 seasons and 20,000 arena matches of experience don't matter. This sucks!

great story for Devs to read
This idea is so JUICY, dude
That would be so awesome for this to be implemented. I'd actually be able to level my disc and gear my monk without as much torture from undergeared arenas. ^_^
One of the best ideas i've seen in a long time.

I'm pretty much a text book example right now. I decided not to purchase the expansion because I was playing Diablo 3. My friends convinced me to come back 4 weeks ago (I believe?). I've played over 2k consistently and all my team mates have as well. All we are doing currently is farming the points cap until I can get my gear to a reputable place. The biggest issue i'm facing right now is that for every piece of gear I get/upgrade, everyone who currently outgears me gets another piece or upgrades. There is no way for me to close the gap without being at a great rating (2400+) How am I supposed to get to that rating while being under geared, it isn't a feasible solution.
all this will go away when next season starts where honor gives previous season gear and weapons
Too bad blizzard hates pvpers and hates pvp and this will never happen. Blizzard enjoys your tears, inability to play on alts and inability to play more than 1 spec and they always will.
SUPPORT... After leveling my alts to 90, having to work a lil more and getting behind. I haven't even dared set foot in arena this season.

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