Gearing Difficulties

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As someone with four 90 alts and a fifth on the way, this is the best idea I have heard in a long time. The conquest pool is one of the best ideas I have ever heard for PvP.
Fully agree. Blizz please take this advice. Making the game a pita to stay/get caught up on gear accomplishes nothing but appease those who can only be successful through gear disparity. And it's not like you would be just giving gear away. People would still have to earn it. similar post, same general idea. 100% support.
Hire this man. Noktyn is out of touch.
Great post really great ideas also to help out the pvp community!
I'm going through the same experience on my alt right now. Granted I may not be the best Holy Paladin in the game... I struggle to keep up with the competition in the 1300 bracket. On the flip side of things, I'm typically hovering in the 2300 range on my Mage here. Is this a simple 'learn how to play' sort of problem? I hope not.

The gear dependence is out of control. It makes battlegrounds a horrible experience, arenas exponentially harder, and RBGs? Have you ever seen a leader looking for players WITHOUT gear?
Wheres the blues :(
12/18/2012 03:00 PMPosted by Fàtal
Wheres the blues :(

Hopefully in an emergency meeting, discussing this.
Support. I'm completely addicted to levelling alts and I've found that it's a huge pain to compete, even in random BGs, if I don't start capping conquest every week at the very start of any given season. I would at least like my season total conquest points earned to carry over to my alts so that I don't have to wait a month+ on each toon just to get t1 weapons.
This is a phenomenal idea.

My cousin started a RAF account with me 2 months into MOP, he actually quit because the pvp grind was too frustrating for him. The argument I made was, "It will get better after a month." While true, he decided it wasn't worth it, and I do not blame him.

Also, I'm trying kitty cleave for the first time with my long time 3's team. We are all playing alt characters and tried arena for the first time this week. As a double melee team with no pvp weapons, we won around 15-20% of our games. (Some wins were from enemy disconnects) The gear disparity was too great to overcome.

Pvp items are rarely used in pve, as long as this stays consistent, why should pvp gear take so long to obtain? I only pvp and would love to have 2-3 toons to play on, but it's too hard to keep them geared and competitive. It's hard to even LEARN a new class correctly in the current system. Waiting for next season shouldn't be the only good answer.
Let me start by saying I'm a strong believer in PvP having nothing to do with gear in the first place. I think PvP should be entirely about "skill" and not about how long you've been racking up conquest points. I really love having a couple of alts to mess around on but it is the opposite of fun losing to people because they out gear you. I was pretty angry when I saw this whole item upgrade thing surface. I understand that since people have already upgraded gear this season it would be pretty stupid to take that away right now but if next season the PvP gear couldn't be upgraded...I would be pretty damn happy. On a different note, I love it when high rated PvPers contribute like this, good work Nada!
12/18/2012 12:48 PMPosted by Nukit
SUPPORT... After leveling my alts to 90, having to work a lil more and getting behind. I haven't even dared set foot in arena this season.

This is exactly the boat im in. Levelled alts and its daunting to step into arena with dreadful gear and heroic weapon. At least Arena games should be quick for me, either quick loss or a lucky win
Supported. S12 is the worst PvP season ever. Upgrades, RBGs required for caps, bad class balance, and massive gear gaps. Blizzard says one thing and always does the opposite. Without fail, they will always deceive you.
nadagastt making good points as usual. i don't know if his answer is the right one (bonus pool? other?) but i do know he is dead on as far as the problem goes... alts being extremely painful and slow to gear up during one of the most gear dependent seasons ever. so many alts... and can't enjoy most of them to their fullest potential because of gearing issues. please fix blizzard. :(
Excellent post. Totally agree with it.
Agree. My alt druid is almost unplayable compared to my main and he's only a few weeks behind in caps. Not to mention the fact that rbg people already have 8+ pieces upgraded. Some people don't like rbgs and are punished with being behind in gear, by a lot.
Really, really good, well-thought out post.

If Blizz listens to this man I will resubscribe and bring 10 buddies back to the game who quit because "this season sucks d*ck"
Mad Support for this bump it!

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