Gearing Difficulties

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As someone who hit 90 fairly recently, trying to get into pvp is very difficult. It feels like I am basically just doing a weekly grind to get points, and I don't even see the point in sight where I am on a decent playing field to actually try and improve in rating or even play 3s for that matter.

I think being able to get a weapon earlier is huge, which I think could be done with removing the initial conquest requirement or having a weapon from honor. With all the tiers and upgrades, it seems as though you will be behind for a large portion of the season.
Logged in just to comment, hope a blue reads this. Pretty good stuff here.
A really good idea. i hope blizzard can read this.
As someone that already has 4 toons to 90, I can whole-heartily agree with OP. I leveled each of my alts with the specific purpose of doing arena with them. However it became increasingly difficult to gather gear with them the later it was in the season. Right up until my Mage got his conquest weapon, capping conquest each week was like pulling teeth. I'm no Rank 1 player, but I'm experienced enough to know when I loose a match because of gear versus skill.

I can understand Blizzard's desire to make gear important to PVP. That's fine, gear has always been a core piece of the game. However, I don't think it should have such a huge impact.
I completely agree. I love playing alts and different specs. I have been working so much that I don't have as much time to play the game. So i started the season late and was in for a shock even when I started the honor grind. I am capping my characters on arenas and am just now getting the weapons on my main, and will have to wait a couple more weeks for the rest. (Play 4 characters regularly).

Not only do people want geared people as arena partner but my server is so dead that very few people even want to arena in the first place. Then you do find an arena partner and its embarrassing because your rocking a 450 weapon, or if you have grinded enough dungeons a 463 heroic which still doesn't even compare.

Even beyond the malevolent weapon, fighting someone in arena that has full malevolent (possibly upgraded) while you are wearing some dungeon pieces and some blue pvp pieces is extremely frustrating. Why has pvp become so gear dependent?

I am not in the same league as some of these arena masters but I would say in the past I have been better than average players. I'm still doing the grind because I enjoy pvp, but damn, getting slaughtered and stun locked to death is not fun.

Someone in this thread posted Catalclysm arena gearing was very fun and I completely agree. I could play my alts and once u hit around 2k resilience it wasn't a crap shoot. The way it is now you do arenas and u get decimated most of the time and every once in a while it seems like a fair match.

I remember reading somewhere in MoP development that wearing dungeon gear in pvp [and vice versa] would be more competitive [not optimal] yet I truly think it's completely the opposite.

Please respond / ease the transition of late comers to the season.

[As an aside you really need to merge low population realms so I don't have to pay 110$ to transfer my guild & characters to continue enjoying this game; that or at the very least offer a discount for every additional character transferred]

Very frustrating to play alts in PvP right now, I like the bonus pool idea, would encourage people to play more games instead of stopping after hitting their weekly cap.
I couldn't agree more. Nothing was more fun to me than getting 2200 on my hunter, rogue and DK every season. I only hit glad a couple times in the earlier seasons on my rogue but I don't even care anymore about the titles. I just like playing multiple characters with different people. I don't put in nearly the amount of time that I use to in this game so I don't expect to be able to play 3 or 4 characters a season at a 2200 level but since I started late this expansion I literally have no chance to compete at 2k+ until 4 or 5 weeks of painful arenas and hoping for a lucky Sha drop or 2 during that time. Even Nadagasst one of the best Warlocks ever agrees. You think Hoodrych would play with me or anyone else in my situation? Hell no. So if they're having trouble imagine how it is for us.

No one wants me on their 3s team even if I link 2400 achievements, I can't even find a RBG if my life depended on it because why take the DK with 2400 experience in full dreadful and a 491 LFR weapon when you can take a !@#$ty DK in half Malevolent and a tier 1 weapon who's been playing 2 months longer than me and does 2x my damage.

I"m leveling a monk right now actually, and I love it. But there's no way I'm going to do arenas this late into the season and have a chance.

Obviously players with tier 2 have always had an advantage and even mains who have played longer than the alts have had an advantage. But it's too the point now where the normal player (ie not Reckful, Hoodyrch, Nada etc...) can't even dream of 2.2k when they've started 2 months in.
I support Nadagast.

Can we please have arena tournament realms? full time arena tournament realms? Where everyone can just pvp on an equal level all day everyday.

It would be nice if we could convert our valor points to be useful for pvp as well, maybe like for every 5 points of valor = 1 point of conquest, as long as you had already a character with min conquest to buy say t1 on a main, or a basic team rating of like 1500.

Hell to be honest, its hard even for late comer mains to get started cause of the huge gap in gear. As it is finding teams is irritating enough.
Great post and ideas. On this note, with the holidays I literally had to stay up late Monday to try and get my conquest pts on this guy because I was to busy. I have a warrior I couldn't even try and cap pnts on. It took me 30 matches to get my points because I was the fresh 90 in contender/honor gear getting Rick rolled while my buddies suffered. We aren't the best but I'm an 1800 player along with my healer. Most games we lost and felt horrible. because you watched 1300-1400 players just roll you cause you have no gear. I'd pop all my d cds and my healer still couldn't keep me up so we could counter pressure.

Question; I know arenas are losing a lot of participation, is it possible to combine bgs for super groups for more competition and better match making in arenas? I don't see why they don't take more notes from sc on their ladders.

On my phone sorry.
significant touches dude.
Oh my god, a 2200+ player speaks for everyone. I think I love you.

Great post, please consider this or something similar to allow alts to have a chance at gearing this season!
Agreed. This is the reason I am not playing my rogue this season.

After I levelled my druid it was definitely a struggle to level my rogue to 90 right after so I waited a month and a bit before levelling.

Now I am so far behind in gear I get stomped every time, which is not very fun :( and I will be unable to gear properly.
By far the biggest cblock for most people is the absurd boost that the PvP weapons give you. Unless you some how manage to push to 2k+ your first week, it will take 4 weeks before you have the points necessary to qualify to purchase one. This is 3 weeks of pain and agony that nobody wants to deal with.

I was fairly lucky in that I had a RL friend who just got his 470 weapon who was willing to stick it out with me in 2s until I had the point total necessary to afford one. I felt bad for him being stuck with someone sitting on < 3k resil for the first week of arenas. Additionally being a healer, my weapon isn't as important as it is for most DPS classes. Not everyone is so lucky.

My Warlock is a completely different story. Running double DPS is an auto loss vs any team with a healer, so most of my CP ends up coming from random BGs. Losing 10 BGs in a row because most of your team seems to have been born with an extra chromosome is about as fun as sticking your genitalia into an electrical outlet.
Agreed 100%. I have a DK, Warrior, and Paladin. I've had to choose between my DK and warrior, I love playing a DK, but maintaining an alt is too painful in MoP in both PvE and PvP. It feels bad having three 90s with the feeling that you simply can't focus on anything outside of your main because of the steep grind/time investment combined with weekly caps rather than seasonal, demotivating anyone who joins late from playing.

None of my friends will even attempt to carry my alts to wins in 2v2 because they get absolutely destroyed and contribute nothing to a team without a weapon.

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