Gearing Difficulties

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i came back 4 weeks ago and also have had this problem. everyone is way to far advanced in pvp gear. it makes it impossible to even compete atm
Very good ideas, play with and alt or reroll to a new character is almost impossible, also the difference from the blue gear and epic is way too much
I leveled a warrior as my first toon and found it boring and then I switched to my priest to play arena. Now both my toons are behind on gear and it's pointless to play arena right now. Starting again next season. Installing Aion as it's more fun than playing WoW behind in gear. cy@ till next season.

I totally agree. I started the season late and now I'm leveling alts and it's impossible to even be competitive in arena right now. Even in full 458 with some 483 gear you stand little to no chance against anyone with a pvp weapon.

If nothing changes then I guess I will just get all my alts to the conquest cap and stop playing and wait until next season starts.
Nada, you always have great suggestions man. Blizzard I hope you read this.
I just came back from a 2 months break and I have decided to give up on my druid's gear.

I've played my whole WoW career as a late-season player, usually finishing the season with half my gear, but this never stopped me from performing well (1900+, rival, etc.). Right now, I would consider myself to be well advanced in my gear for such early in the season (I would usually not even be at level cap yet) but it's also the first season I truly feel I can't compete.

1. My gear, although relatively decent, is not enough compete over 1600 (with a similarly geared partner that's been 1900+ & rival multiple times too).
2. The meta game has become ridiculous with hundreds of 2 second CCs pilling up; I feel lost to what's happening and I have years of experience. I can't even see how a new player would even find that fun. CC seems to have become a "spam it if it's up" thing instead of "save it for a better opportunity".
3. When arena was introduced, PvP finally became this area of the game where skills meant more than time investment. Sure, you had to farm your honor gear and than farm your arena gear, but you never had to play tons of games to do so. Now it feels I have to play hours of arenas just to cap and since they are painful (dropping MMR from 1900 to 1200 takes like 40 losses at this rate) we stopped arenas altogether. So I either grind BGs for 50 conquest a win (so on average 25 conquest per match or 50 conquest an hour = 36 hours to cap my points).
4. This game is obviously PvE oriented and that's ok, but why do these lore-developpers feel that they HAVE to screw up PvP and make it unbearably stupid (both metagame- and grind-wise) to make sure people only PvE ? Make a chinese wall between PvE and PvP devs already and put a step down to say no to the abuse of these dragonslayers who feel that PvE can only be great when PvP is dead...

All in all, I'm going to level an alt and see how it feels. Probably will be taking another 2-3 months break until the next season since I'm obviously too far behind to enjoy playing arenas at all right now.
12/19/2012 09:14 PMPosted by Imij
Of course... no blue post here, but blue posts in irrelevant threads.... nothing has changed.

Just have to wait for next tier when malevolent gets pushed down to honor.
I have a real problem with no honor weapons. It's pretty ridiculous and i'm going to sit here for 2-3 weeks raiding in hopes I will get a weapon that is somewhat comparable to the malv weapons.
i agree
Great post! +1
It has been nearly 3 days.... still no blue post. What a coincidence.
This.. This soo much. +1
Please address this!
Post needs moar blue.
I will be really surprised if this is not implemented in 5.2. Blizzard usually listens to good suggestions.

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