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The Society... Long since our escape from the Scourge, the Society has been there. The minds behind our war-machine and the spine of the research of our people. Our ranks, albeit great, grow stale and are in need of fresh bodies and minds to mold and create a new future, a future that sees the Forsaken prospering!

----------------------------OOC Information----------------------------

The R.A.S. is an open and friendly guild that takes pride in our role play and like to help the RP community as a whole grow better where possible. If a player is ever in need of locating role players, or wanting to learn how to role play in a proper fashion, we are here to assist to the best of our abilities.

We are a social, Heavy-RP Forsaken-Only guild with the exception of special cases such as: Test-subjects, mind-controlled living, etc. The social aspect of the guild is a big part of who we are, so whether shy with a few witty quips, or a person who cannot shut up, you are welcome to join for company and conversation.


Master Apothecary: Aguste
Lord Apothecary: Taldin/Servais
High Apothecary: Hími
High Executors: Montefeltro/Ezrannik

---Recruitment Requirments---

1. A Forsaken character
2. Level 15
3. An IC Interview
4. Willingness to RP with other people
5. A positive attitude.



Dungeoning is a huge part of getting RP and leveling up, so you can almost always find someone in our guild leveling an alt or looking for Heroics who will gladly join you for a run. Sometimes we put together full groups for guild dungeons, or just for kicks.


While we do not have an active group for doing Battlegrounds/Arenas, many of our members enjoy PvP immensely, and will be ready and willing to do arenas to help you hit that Conquest cap for the week. The Society also supports World PvP and Rp-PvP events, and will generally attend them.


Same as with PvP! We have no set raid team, however many of our high-level members are getting gear or are already geared for the current tier of raiding. We also run old world raids almost every week for transmog/RP gear, mounts, achievements, and because we all enjoy BURNING IN THE MAKER'S FIRE.

--------------OOC RULES*--------------
*These are the rules you must follow Out of Character*

IMPORTANT: Respect your guild mates, and your fellow RPers.
No godmodding, griefing, or harrassing other players.
Follow the Lore, it's the world we play in after all.
OOC and IC are not connected, so do not treat them as such.
Guild Chat is IC at all times.

----------------------------IC Information----------------------------

We're a jack-of-all-trades Forsaken guild, with a major focus on the scientific part of being an Apothecary. You can expect plenty of horrific experiments, dangerous expeditions, field work, gooey fleshcrafting, and a high chance of losing limbs. But that's okay, you're already dead! Along with our Apothecaries, we hold a standing force of Deathstalkers and Deathguards who act as security, foot soldiers, and guards in the field, and many of our members will often act as emissaries to other guilds. Interaction with other guilds, as well as co-guild RP plots, is practically a guarantee.

---------------IC RULES*---------------
*These are IC rules, and they will have IC ramifications if broken. This can include but is not limited to: Demotion, Loss of Limbs, Disciplinary Reassignment, True Death.*

Respect the laws of the Forsaken, and of the Horde.
Respect the Kor'kron Overseers.
Do not tarnish the good name of the Society, act accordingly in public.
Do all that you can to advance the Society and the Forsaken people.
Respect your superiors within the Society, and obey their commands.
Your loyalty is first and foremost to the Society, and through us the Dark Lady.
If you are assigned work or duties, you will be expected to complete them.

We are currently looking to not only expand, but to put ourselves into more open RP! Therefore, if you are a guild/coven of witches/friendly owl/RPer who would like to look in to setting up some sort of story or interaction with the Royal Apothecary Society for all your forsaken needs, feel free to post it here, and contact me, or my officers, in game.

-Note, as I currently have what seems to be the flu, I will be spotty in my own personal WoW-time for a few more days. Of course, I will check in here and in-game as regularly as I can. Thank you!
I've been around here for some time, and I happen to know these folks IRL as well. I consider them good friends, but that's because I got my start in this fine guild.

The RAS is one of this server's greatest guilds, it survives the turbulence and tough times, and it looks out for it's members.

If you are a forsaken, if you are looking to merge into the Lore rp and general rp, events and general walk ups, come this way. This guild is also willing to teach new forsaken, even those at lvl 1, if you show a dedication to having fun and wanting to be apart of the community.

Seek out the leaders anytime.
I've known this guild a long time, been in on multiple characters and was even an officer on one of them for quite a while. It is a wonderful guild, full of good people, if you are interested in Forsaken RP, this guild is an old one, but still quite a goodie.

All hail new Master Apothecary Verbeden and long live Lord Apothecary LaMaunte.
Bump for justice!

Whatever that means.
Another good word for these folks; I've known them both on Horde and also through interaction on my Alliance characters; they are VERY good people that I would recommend to any respectable Forsaken.
Let's pass them another bump. BUMPS.
Ew Taldin.
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Ew Taldin.

Taldin for a small fee I can break Tavook's legs for you.
I 'll do it all for free, your tears are all the pay i'll ever need.
Sevon does it ever get so lonely being evil?
I'd be lying through my teeth if i said it did.

Your tears are all the company i need.
/pimp strut

Mmm yeah work dem potions.
Sorry but this thread needed an undead female *hissss*
/sits in front of the fire with scotch.

Good morning, WRA... It's that time of year again. From the study of Taldin LaMaunte, here's the R.A.S wishing you a very merry Christmas.

And now, time for some smooth Christmas jazz from the Undercity quartet.
Have some lounge music instead.


I'd say it suits the undead.
A bump for my favorite leaky bodies.
A bump for my favorite Forsaken, Aguste and Taldin
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