[H-RP] The Royal Apothecary Society

Wyrmrest Accord
This guild is interesting.

And please use me to send messages to/among them =D
A great guild for the living-impaired.
Bumpity bump, because undeath and science!
[Casts levitate on thread. Huffs. Walks away]
Y'all goin to ICECROWN
Wonderful event yesterday, and many thanks to the Grey Legion for coming!
I command this thread to RISE!
Bump Time
*mutters to self while looking for ingredients. Sees thread on the second shelf. Grumbles something about things not being where they belong, moves to first shelf*
Bumping you guys back to the first page.
*feeds thread elixir of floaty goodness*
Sympathy bump.
What's that? Event on Monday? New members?

<Recoils and hisses... but bumps back up to the top>
Bump for the RAS!

Also, I need to have words with Gus and Bralis some time soon.
aww yiss bump
*smokes cigar, puffing at the thread. Snaps fingers, and two hobgoblins lift the thread to page one.*
*nudges thread with a pointy stick*
And there were Cultists. And there was Much Rejoicing.

Heathens.. to the top with you!

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