[H-RP] The Royal Apothecary Society

Wyrmrest Accord
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The Gray Beast' eyes are upon you.

...cause you lookin sooo good.
Bumpity bump for apothecaries and their mad potions. MAAAAD POTIONS.
dis bump

so delicious
I have the flu Bump.

good folk, for the forsaken rp and such.
I knew you were no good goblin. I found your roots! Your true intentions do not go unnoticed! I'm watching you..
Master Apothecary Aguste dropping bump payload, ground control, prepare for impact.
Bumps for great people, if your forsaken and want a great forsaken experience rp wise, join this guild.
Just bumping in appreciation for the fantastic world PVP/RP event in the Wilds over the weekend. We had a great time and my hunter still has three stacks of commissions in her pack!
Also, as a tiny guild, we are always open for other events and even some small storylines, should you ever need a motley bunch of clerics, storytellers and ne'er do wells.
<Steals their pink flaminos> These are needed.
Belf Bump for a great group of the living-impaired.
Bump fer grate justis!
Contractually obligated bump.
I do say bump, good madam!
And another bump, for the bump god.
A letter, sealed with the Forsaken emblem and perfumed with leftovers from the Crown Chemical Company, arrives at the Apothecarium.

"Leadership and members of the Royal Apothecary Society,
The Undercity Census is planning an acquisition-oriented expedition and we would be most honored if your organization would send representatives to join us. Any and all who are interested should meet with me to discuss the prospect. Within this letter is a teleportation spell that can be activated with this simple phrase:
' http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7979899686#1 '
Thank you for your time and consideration, and may the Dark Lady watch over you.
~Marchosias Fauntleroy.

...Those slashes are not pronounced "slash". They are, in fact, lateral clicks, because we are linguists here.
Why is this thread not in flames yet?
Because, this thread was found in large possession of awesome and win in illegal quantities. A full investigation by highly dedicated(And bribed/brainwashed) Kor'kron is currently pending.

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