Wal Mart is Hiring

Earthen Ring
"Wal Mart Specialist" Is recruiting a wide veriety of classes for RBG's. Prefer 1750+ in arena's. Currently setting up streamed: tournements (weekends), Raiding Stormwind, and world pvp.
How much is the hourly pay?
2 birds in the bush. Once we have everything set up with good attendance we'll go live.
Bro you know im down for RBG grind all day!:D I have FULLL ret gear and Holy gear + T1
Schedules are kinda off during the week expecting to get something rolling this weekend.
Ok we got rbg's rolling and some double elimination tournements coming up. Stay tuned for more info.
Schedule is 3pm-10pm server time. They are being streamed we'll link when we're confidant for proper ER presentation.
Great job tonight, Capt! We won a couple of RBG's, hope to do more with you tomorrow or sooner than later!
Wal Mart is Hiring. We're a PVP guild LF locks, rogues,shamans Rbg times are 9:30-1:30am Friday and Saturday. We're looking forward to gaming with you either it be here; War Z, LoL, HoN, SC2, D3 and many others. Arena achieves appraised for 1st string.
I'm always down to pug in for some rbgs, 1650ish mmr atm, just give me a day or so heads up if ya'll need me. A friend of mine irl would also be down to join if needed, dps warr. He's good
Alrighty sounds good, however we could really use a rogue and a warlock. All other classes are welcome. We have open positions for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th string back up when people need to take leave.
5th string... that's why ya'll are awesome
Im available for 8th string
still looking for rogues and warlocks...prefer 21+ we cuss and drink while having a blast.
Wait we do?
Well i do. They'll find out.
Hey guys setting up an Iron man event saturday at 4p.m. server time. Get your 3's partners and bring it on. Will be streamed.

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