Wal Mart is Hiring

Earthen Ring
Advertise the event in trade next time :P
Attention Associates... Customers need assistance in electronics. Customers need assistance in electronics. *bump for sam*
$8 an hour no less!
Interested in rbg arena and lfr casual adult player weekdays after 9 pm est and weekends
Hey guys thought i'd mention that we have a core group going to push some rating now. Currently starting a second group to catch up on experience.

In other words we're looking to start war games in arenas and battle ground to learn. Teams will be scrambled so a landslide per-say doesn't happen. No date on this yet so if you're outside the guild looking in keep in touch either on here or in game.

people don't get better over night, it come through practice practice practice.
yes plz

maybe your journey will take you to oondasta again?
sorry browsing forums see whats out there just have to say the guild names awesome and made me chuckle...
Bump for some cool dudes who pvp

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