[H] Rbg Group lfm

before anyone says this lets clarify i know this server is not the greatest.
Okay now that thats done, Were looking to start a RBG group and wanted to see if anyone is intrested.
What we definitly need is 1 healer, 1 ranged and 1 melee dps.
In the early stages of rating we do not have a rating req however be full pvp geared.
All we ask is that you listen to us hit the target we call out and cc when needed.
As for us ill give a littl background history.
Most of us have accents in our name so just look under guild roster. If there exp is not listed it means they are not above 1800 exp.
Me-Hpally 1800+ played in the 2.2k+mmr bracket
Giovoni-Warlock 2.4k exp
Quadclops-Feral druid 2.2k exp
GreasyMcNig-War 2.4k exp
DarkCrew-resto shammy 2k exp
jellyjolly-Shadow priest

These are friends that raid on tue-thur so are not always around to play
Hordegazem Mage from malganis

If you are intrested just post here or send me in game mail
ill be your ranged
I'm a BM hunter and have been looking for an rbg opening, i don't have exp in rbgs but im a veteran to pvp and know my class inside out so please contact me

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