[H] Friday Night 10-Man 6/6MSV 3/6HoF 2/4ToES

Shattered Hand
Greetings, I'm Nyt.

Tyranny has a couple of alt runs. The one that I'm in is on Friday nights, and we're looking for a few competent Raiders.

We are in need of 1 Warlock/Mage and 1 Resto/Ele Shaman that can play both specs well (Not looking for a Resto/Enh Shaman). The reason for the specific specs is both for Comp and Gear distribution.

So if you are at a minimum of 476ilvl, are 6/6 on any toon you have, can play the toon you bring well, and can commit to coming EVERY week, then we might have a spot for you.

The progression in the title is the furthest when have progressed in this run, but that was all-guild. Be prepared to progress on both Garalon and Tsulong.

If you have further questions, send an in-game Mail to Nytusa, a forum PM on the Tyranny Website, or post here.
Disc/shadow priest looking for a raid group to run with
01/02/2013 01:16 PMPosted by Zombiè
Disc/shadow priest looking for a raid group to run with

Thanks for the interest, but we already have two shadow priests in this group.

Also, we have nearly filled this group with regular attendees, thanks to all of the interest in-game.

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