Unlocking all the Paragons in Dread Wastes...

Is making me the saddest of pandas. I still need Ka'roz the Locust and he refuses to let me find him.

I'm fairly certain I must have done some part of the chain to unlock him while leveling and then abandoned the remaining quests that put him in Klaxxi'vess but sweet baby Jesus in a manger wearing a tuxedo t-shirt I CANNOT FIND HIM AND IT'S DRIVING ME MAD.

Apparently he spawns after the completion of "Mazu's Bounty" in Soggy's Gamble. He is not there. Assuming there is no where else he would be besides Klaxxi'vess or Soggy's Gamble, logic dictates that I have not yet completed Mazu's Bounty. However, the three quests prior to "Mazu's Bounty" ("Kypari Zar", "The Root of the Problem" and "Fires and Fears of Old") all appear to be completed as well as I went to the coordinates that the quest givers are located and have no quests available.


Anyway, if someone has a suggestion I would be in your debt. It's really eating away at me.

Or perhaps since these are Mantid quests, it's just....


Once you kill the leviathan on the boat the last klaxxi is located right across from the dock that leads to dogs pen. Talk to the fishean and he should hatch on his own and fly off.
Fisherman sorry iPhone hating me today.
I cant seem to find the last set of quests for the last paragon that I have to open. The paragon is called Kaz'tik the Manipulator. I am not sure what to do. Any help would be great!
The comments section on this page might help you:


Checking your quest log confirms that you have not completed the quest "Falling to Pieces". Going to that location will sort your problem out.
I cant unlock kaztik the manipulator,i did the quest from the kypari drop,still no other quest,any help?
Perhaps using the addons Wholly and Grail might help. Together they are designed to show you what quests you can do and where the quest givers are.

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