Elemental PVP Talents/Glyphs in 5.2

Hey, just wondering what you guys are going to pick up in 5.2.

For glyphs, I'm thinking that Unleashed Lightning, Ghostwolf, and Shamanistic Rage would be ideal for glyphs in a battleground setting. For arena, I might swap out SR for capacitor if they're a melee heavy team, and don't have any dot classes.

With shamanistic rage coming to the elemental toolkit, and bulwark being buffed, I'll probably swap astral shift for bulwark, seeing how they'll stack without any conflict (astral shift and shamanistic rage would stack multiplicative). Elemental blast still seems like the talent of choice, although I could see swapping it out for primal elementalist in 2s just for the extra stun.

With EM being buffed to a minute cooldown, I'd probably swap that out for rated battlegrounds and arena (keeping echo in normal bgs, because bloodlust is usable). I'm not sure if I'd pick up Unleash Elements, it still seems kind of weak compared to the other ones.

With all the other classes getting some of their abilities toned down (shockwave, counterspell/spelllock blanket silence part getting axed), I think we'll be in a much better position than we have in ages.
Pleased to see them making an effort, but we'll need more than what we're getting in 5.2 to be back on the right track.
Talents: Nature's Guardian Earthgrab projection elemental mastery healing tide and elemental blast or UF

Glyphs: Ghost wolf sham rage flame shock.

I will use walk and cast lightning bolt possibly if i choose to use unleashed fury
I'm glad they made FS glyph baseline and reworked it but they should really make GW and thunder baseline. Not sure what I'll do for 5.2 yet I really don't like EM in arena unless its a comp with no dispell but 1 min CD will probably force me to take it,Bulwark wasn't buffed enough but I'll probably take it over AS because AS isn't that good.
Astral Shift or Stone Bulwark depending on how good the initial shield is.
Earthgrab Totem
Totemic Projection
Elemental Mastery
Headling Tide
Unleashed Fury

This would provide you 10% more damage + 30% haste during ascendance which already has high burst and would allow you to stack mastery over haste for more procs, and then every minute you have another burst attempt with the 30% haste to do massive damage. Possibly stacking mastery>crit>haste to deal insane damage every minute and rely mostly on lava surge procs and spread flame shocks when EM is on CD.

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