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Give a random gift to the person below you using the item button.

The person below me shall get Six Demon Bag.
Inside the Red Ribboned Wrapping Paper you discover ...

... Broken I.W.I.N. Button
It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

Helpful Wikky's Whistle
Fetish of the Fiery Sands. I do hope you don't already have one.
Happy holidays! Bijou's Belongings
Merry christmas!

I give my Darkmoon Firewater to the next poster, It served me well!
Sorcerer Slippers

Merry Christmas !

I put 09876. lol

Those would look really cute with your outfit too. lol
Aw, thank you! I hope you like your new Sparkly Shiny Gloves!
You get Leech Pants.
(Item not found)

random #
Worg-Hide Pants
/e cant get a valid number =(
Ravenholdt Gloves

Have fun with it!
(Item not found)

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