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This is fun. :)

Herb Baked Egg
(Item not found)
several of my fellow guildies will be getting Cinder Kitties tomorrow.

does that count
Alabaster Plate Girdle

Because everyone needs a good girdle!
A fresh gift for the holidays! In the form of....

Warp Hound Blood!
Aww! How'd you know I was a troll?

(Chugs hungrily)

Here, person below me! Have some Thick-Cut Bacon! My greatest possession!
The Silver Covenant Hippogryph comes bearing a gift of Keeshan's Dagger.
OHMIGOD OHMIGOD OHMIGOD! Rygarius posted right after me! Take the bacon, please! It would be an honor!

You receive: Rawhide Pants
Hope you enjoy your new Tactical Task Briefing I
And you get...Ashes of Al'ar
I got you this wonderful Seed of Revitalization I hope you like it!

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