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Bump for Baldcakez
Seriously though, where is my hair?
I still have no hair D:

I am a 507 ilevel rogue that's looking for a new raiding guild / home. The raiding environment on the server I am on currently has dropped to an all time low. There are very few active raiding guilds currently and I am looking to progress through the current content. I've been actively raiding on this character since Cataclysm (as well as most of Vanilla / BC. During Wrath my guild fell apart and I played a new main until I could find a place to call home). I've been apart of hardcore progression raiding before but I am looking for something a tad bit more relaxed. I am currently 6/ 12 Normal in ToT and was 9 / 16 Heroic in the last tier. I have a deep knowledge of my class, what it is capable of, and how to maximize my abilities without causing harm to my raid.

I've always come prepared to any raid with knowledge of the boss (or bosses) we will be on that night and I have flasks, food, pots, and enough gold for repairs. You cannot progress without wiping to learn the content, and I have 0 problems with that. I am always open to constructive criticism that will help me perform better and I am willing to contribute to the raid group in anyway that I can.

I have logs from most of ToT (thanks to a guildie that ran their own logs) and I can provide those if needed. I am looking for a Horde guild that does weekend or weekday raids. While I would prefer a 10 man guild, I am also open to 25 man as that is what I raided with during Cata. I am very flexible on the hours. If you have any questions or would like to contact me, either this forum works fine or you can add me to battle.net with Airblade79#1916.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish you all the best of luck.
Well if you are looking for a home I can offer that. Can't offer much in regards to a guaranteed raiding position at the moment.
Looking for one exceptional Warlock or Elemental Shaman to join us on our venture into Heroic Throne of Thunder! Please contact us ASAP! Drop a mail if we aren't on game!
I still have no hair.

Oh and we are always looking for more fun, mature players who need a good home!
510 Shadow Priest with 8/12 experience. Im looking for a serious raiding guild, I know the fights and I am ready to raid. New to the server from blackrock. Plz add Caramon#1782 and whisper. Ty!
That awkward moment when it feels like people don't ever read the OP...
Always looking for more great players :)
I need a Warlock! :D
hi ash.
Hi Tumna.

You don't look like a Warlock *pokes with stick*
Ashelycakez is a dude irl
I'm a warlock!
Ashelycakez is a dude irl

And...? It is World of Warcraft after all.

Also, spelling is difficult ;)

I'm a warlock!

A wild Warlock has appeared!
Warlock... need...

We are addicted to cookies... @_@

Can a cookie addiction lead to hair loss?
Hi, I'm not a Warlock. I am interested though if a spot is open to a Mage!

(Ps, I talked to you and Beefyt back when MoP first came out on my Priest, Sneasel)

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