A fun nonsense thread ..... enjoy

I will start a story .... Post a few sentences maybe a paragraph ... Then leave it up for the next person to do the same.... Enjoy.


During the wild storm, my Jade Panther mount became quite disoriented. We flew through the night looking for a place to land. Finally, the sun broke the horizon. Nearing a safe landing point, I could see .....

<ok next person's turn>
Bay's face, and I...

began shrieking as if I had seen a ghost and sprinted away in terror. Bays face began to get bigger and bigger until I realized there was no escaping it. It could not be outran. It was the destroyer of worlds. Rumor has it that Bay's face has the potential to destroy entire galaxies. As the face sped towards me I pulled out my sword and shield and awaited the inevitable battle. Doomsday had come early. I ...
turned around then bays face came in with a vicious attack. Without noticing I was falling down, blood rolling down my chest, sweat, and confusion on how I was stabbed. My eyes went dark, as I slowly slipped away into the dark abyss
when suddenly the entity known only as "Bay's face" began to cast a level 3 spell: "Infinite Neckbeard." Suddenly, Bay's face began to erupt with defensive spikey folicles that appeared to have eyeballs at the end of their long, thin shafts. As the insatiable Bay's face continued to drain whole worlds and galaxies, it became clear that the universe needed an immediate defense.

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