Galleon's spawn timer in 5.2

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Why would you want to kill galleon in 5.2? The stuff he drops will be well below what you get from ToT lfr.

For the same reason i have been killing him since mop was released, Son of Galleon's Saddle
i only want to kill him for the mount chance, as im sure plenty of others would like to also get.
seen him spawn 3 times today on Duskwood... it seems to be about 5 hours but i'm not sure.. but I do believe the respawn time is MUCH shorter now in 5.2
His spawn rate is anywhere from 1-3 hours, from the info I found on wowhead.
They said that Galleon's spawn timer will be just like that of Sha of Anger with one change, the loot rules will be the same as Sha of Anger as well. So you'll no longer be able to get loot multiple times per week from Galleon.

Well its definitely not a 15 min timer like sha.

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