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Emerald Dream
Hello Emerald Dream!

I've started a new guild <Ewiges Licht> and we are looking for new members!
Are you interested in being a part of a guild in an important way? Tired of being just another face in the big guild crowd? Would you like to be a part of a guild that truly values the community aspect of the game?

I started Ewiges Licht in order to form a good tight nit group of players that could go out an adventure together. But we need people to make this work. I am looking for anyone and everyone who is willing to help. It is rather difficult to reach people through /2 these days, and I want to try to avoid spam inviting players -- If you are interested in growing a guild from the ground up, then EL is the place for you.

Send me a message in game, or reply here for more info.

I hope to see you in /g soon!

Bump ^.^

We're level 2 now... Really seems tough to get people interested in helping to grow a guild, but I'm sure there are some people out there!

Let me know if you are interested!
Try clearly defining more specific goals in your thread, the way you've defined your guild in your first post makes it seem like just another guild. Perhaps you have some RP backstory to throw up? Maybe there's something unique you feel your guild could bring to ED?

I hope you succeed and bring something truly awesome to the server!
Try clearly defining more specific goals in your thread...

I hope you succeed and bring something truly awesome to the server!

Thank you for the advice and kind words Mavz!

So, a little update. EL has picked up a few more quality people, the guild is already becoming a fun place to be in. We are now currently Level 4, about half way to level 5. And we now have a mumble server!

My vision for the guild is for it to be a place where the guild members aren't just players who share the same guild tag, but that the players are all good friends. These connections do not happen over night, but they are possible in the right environment.

Having a place that puts high value and emphasis on friendly and helpful guild member interactions is a great thing (in my opinion).

Do we plan to raid? Yes, I hope to have at least a 10 man team at some point soon.
Do we plan to pvp? Yes! I love seeing players ask for help or defense in guild chat, or starting a group to go out into some battle grounds and show the Horde what's up!
But is the main goal of the guild to be a high rated pvp or progression raiding guild? No. I hope to build a fun relaxed place to call home in game where everyone in /g is ready and willing to help a fellow guildy out.

Pipe dream? Maybe. But so far so good. Send me a message here or in game if you'd like any more information :)
i sincerely hope this works for you
((This thread is deserving of a legitimate bump. Good to see people that want guild immersion like the days of yesteryear))
Out of curiosity, do you have any open officer or leadership positions? I attempted to start up my own guild about two months ago based around the important aspect of community and fun. I might be interested in assisting with your endeavor.

My WoW "Resume" is as follows (kind of sad I'm calling it a resume, but w.e. haha)
- Seven years game experience
- GM of two successful social/leveling guilds in BC (06-08)
- Loyalty is my specialty
- Helpful and giving player
- Good sense of humor
- Know all classes and aspects of game.

** I would be VERY interested in getting a 10 man raid group set up.

EDIT: Question. What is the meaning behind your guild's name? Very unique.
Rollinzigzag and Thornedior, thank you very much!

Demoncracy, right now we are very much looking for quality people to help as officers and leaders within the guild. I would be honored to have you in the guild with us, but I feel like I should tell you again - right now we are very small. Sever people have joined up and left within a day or two because of the small size. If you think you would like to help lead and grow with us, that would be awesome.

Ewiges Licht means Eternal Light in German. I like the name too :)

Anyway, thanks again to those who wish EL success, and Demoncracy - I hope to hear from you again soon!

Awesome! I'll consider it and let you know if I decide to join EL. I realize recruitment in the early stages, especially in this era of the game can be difficult. Are you German or just fond of the name? ;D
No, I'm not German, just one of those silly guys who liked how the words sound and what they mean.

I look forward to hearing from you, but no pressure :)
Just one more question, when you say provide a fun environment... how will you do that? Any cool event ideas (I love guild events! ;D )?
Well, at the moment we don't have anything set in stone. I would like to start having weekly prizes for the high contributor for guild experience in a week - nothing huge, but something fun.

Izoshua, another guild member, and I are also rather fond of running old content for transmog / achievements and such. I would be happy to make that into a regular guild event.

I also think that doing anything - pvp, pve, instances, scenarios, etc. - as a guild will be good for helping us get to know each other better, and hopefully build some friendships.

All in all, when I say 'a fun place to be', I really mean that I want to be a part of a guild where players don't join and then just fade into the background. I want people to truly enjoy being in EL. This will require more than what I myself can do alone, this will require people to step up and help shape the guild into what they are looking for.

So! You like events? How about you join Ewiges and we start to plan some awesome stuff for not only EL, but the server?! Yes. I like this idea :)

Oh, and we hit level 5 today!
Just a quick update!

EL is now level 6, we have our own mumble server and a couple of use have hit level 90. Let me know if anyone is interested in joining. We still need quality players and good leaders to fill out the officer positions.

I hope to see you in /gchat soon :)


Got your PST today. I'll be in contact with you in the next day! Sorry for not responding, I was dealing with some RL stuff at that moment! >.>

I'm also on my alt Democralypse from time to time, so I may hit you up on him. Either way, I look forward to joining!
Hey Demoncracy,

I saw that you were afk, just figured I missed you.

I'll be online tomorrow afternoon - I look forward to seeing you around :)


To anyone else who may still be looking for a good home - Ewiges is still looking for people!! Join us and get in on the ground floor!!
Just a quick update!

EL is now level 7 and is about to ding 8 (probably today)

We've got a few members now and are still very much looking for quality people who are interested in helping to build something truly great! Anyone in the guild can invite, so /who Ewiges Licht if you want to join us - or just send me a tell or reply here :)

Demoncracy, I seem to be missing you and your alt - I've not seen you around. I hope you are still out there!

Join today! We will be holding weekly prize giveaways soon for members who are the most active within the guild. We might also be giving out prizes to those who recruit the most quality members :D Ask Kyo for more details in regards to this.

Other than that, this guild has a solid leader in Kyoshii and the contributing members make the environment a pleasure to play in. Give us a shot. We need quality players like YOU to make our community strong and wonderful. You won't regret it!

Demo said it! We need your help to make EL something truly great!

A quick update before I clock in... Work makes my heart sad. Anyway!

We are now level 10 and growing every day.
It's not too late to make it in while we are still in the early stages of growth. We are still very much looking for quality people and potential officers and leaders.

Look us up in game or reply here for more information or to join :)

Another update for you fine people of The Dream!

Ewiges Licht is now level 12 with several great and active members.
Our doors are still wide open, so if you are looking for a great community to call family then you've found your home!

I hope to hear from you soon :)

Another update for everyone!

EL has grown a lot recently, we are level 15 now and have several 90's. We are trying to gear up for a 10 man raid team. We are currently recruiting everything, but we need one solid tank and plate / cloth / mail healers. Also a few dps -- melee prefered.

Experience isn't required, but some knowledge of the basic stuff would be a good thing. At least lfr ^.^

Hope to hear from you soon, join us for fun times and a great community.

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