Galleon Downings

He does also drop a mount, I will camp him until I have it.
Sometimes, but I think they rely more upon the Galleon chat channel and the !galleon addon. People aren't going out of their way to do camp Galleon anymore since it's just 496 gear.

Oondasta will change that. He'll drop 528 gear, whereas Normal is only 522.

Also of note, Galleon will have a much more frequent spawn timer in 5.2.

Oh I wasn't aware of the galleon chat channel. Thanks.
Thought about making one all purpose channel for 5.2, perhaps worldboss
That's not a bad idea! Let people know in trade chat if it happens :D
Fri 215am server
Fri 1/22 1215pm
Worldboss channel is amazing btw. Doo eet.
Help spread the word if that's what you guys want to use. Could use Oondasta too for the actual boss itself, if worldboss would invoke too much Sha of Anger/Storm Lord spam.
Killed at 5:45pm on March 1st.
I have yet to see a Galleon mount or a Sha one...
I have yet to see Galleon alive period. Or well Anyone in my guild has yet to see him alive. Are we sure he is real? Just making sure cause it would be nice to down him once!

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