Alchemy Kits

Selling 1-600 Alchemy kits. Guaranteed 1-600 with a few extra herbs at end.

Hit me up in game or here and will respond to you.
Hey man your moving in on my territory ....I say pistols at Dawn !!! J/k ;-) good luck
I'm interested in a kit. What are you charging?
Bump for draccs. I can vouch for his kits. Thanks again
I'm very interested in snagging one of these kits from you. Hit me up in game, this is my only toon, seizethecarp. I'll try to contact you first if possible.
I can vouch as well. This guy is the real deal
i wanna buy one hit me up 2night
I just wanted to chime in my two cents about my positive transactions with Dracc. I have bought a freaking ton of profession kits over the past few months, a few of everything, and for the most part usually you'll end up having to run to the AH once or twice, or maybe have to go get a pattern from a vendor elsewhere, but its a 90% smooth process.

With Dracc's kit, not only did I have a lot of extras at the end (you will be able to make a few extra Pandarian potions and elixers of your choice as his kit is solid!), but all of the recipes that I needed were included. I was able to level in Stormwind without having to take a trip to Zangermarsh or anywhere else. He even includes the materials to make your basic Philosophers Stone so you can start doing trasmutes right away.

Dracc delivered all of my kits to me within minutes of me replying to his ads about them. He was professional and polite, so much so that I ended up coming back for 3 more kits that week. You can't go wrong with a profession kit, but you certainly can't go wrong with one of Dracc's kits. Two thumbs up!

PS I might need 1 more kit this weekend, can you squeeze that in. Also, what about an Inscription kit?

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