Are there only 3 Argent Tournament Dailies...

...for Pandaren? I finally got through the Valiant quests and now I get the quests to earn Champion Seals from Eadric, the Argent Grand Champ, Cellian, and Luuri... One from each for a grand total of three. I'm used to getting six dailies. On my DK, I got 3 from the DK NPCs and 3 from Sunreavers. Is that not the case with Pandaren? Are there only 3 a day or am I missing something?
I race changed to a panda, and now I only have the Sunreaver dailies. I am missing the ones you get for being a champion of your race, and the ones to get champion of Sen'jin and or Thunderbluff since my achievements show that I have the other ones. I am thinking that it is because I am a panda and have no race represented in the argent tournament.
you get 9 if theyre all unlocked
you get 9 if theyre all unlocked

Have you been able to unlock them on your Pandaren?

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