Hi, maybe you've seen us around! We're Illicitus, we're a level 25 guild. You can say we like to pvp. That would be an understatement. We LOVE PVP. PvP is a fine woman to which we roughly make love to on a daily basis.. Think you love PvP as much as us? I doubt that! If you think so, maybe you should join us..Here are some Clips of what we enjoy!


inb4: Bad music, Bad video, Healbot, bad UI.

If you're interested in our world pvp events, please whisper someone in guild :) We have everything you could ask for.

~We are coming!~
Should I take it as a compliment? WoW Level: Asian?

EDIT: My ui may seem out of control to others, but I understand it and can navigate it with ease. As long as I get my job done, it doesn't matter what people say about it ;)
No. Your UI is flat out poorly designed.

There is actually science behind the way UI's are put out. Every game has the same placement of things not because they are copying someone else, as the commonfolk tend to think, but because it is scientifically efficient.

The positions of things on the screen are directly related to the way your brain perceives data, which sides of your brain access it first depends on which area of the screen that part of the ui should be. This is why, for example, a minimap is always on the top right of the screen.

I am totally serious, look it up.

But beyond all that, yours is just inefficient.

Why do you need to have your and your target's unitframe so large, blocking the majority of the screen, when you have an addon that shows those health bars in the center? That is wasteful.

Your unitframes are so large, your buff/debuff tracker is blocking your raid frames, for no reason.

You see how there is that big huge hole in the top right of your screen, where your mini-map is? That is wasted space. You will NEVER want to actually see something in the game from that camera angle, so it is useless to have that space open.

The middle of the screen, however, is prime real-estate, so to speak. It needs to be open, not having your minimap.

You have quest trackers and objective trackers overlapping your action bars.

The goofy font serves absolutely zero purpose. It just makes that information harder to read, but lets be honest. Your screen is so friggen cluttered to begin with and there is so much of it, it would be impossible to actually read it to begin with, and be able to actually discern the information it provides because you failed to filter it in any sort of way. Why do you need goofy font showing you how much health you lost, overlapping a health bar in the middle of your screen.

As I said. Inefficient. Has nothing to do with the clutter, or how you "perceive" it to be.

You would be better off re-doing your ui, however you feel it is, it just isn't good. Sorry. All your UI is doing is giving addons a negative reputation because you aren't using them properly.

But besides ALL OF THAT...

Here is some advice from an experienced movie maker:

Your UI has to be pleasing to the AUDIENCE. Not to you.

Also, why is the majority of the group you are seen with in your "illicitus pvp video" actually from TCT?

tl;dr? Bandet really enjoyed the video
Overall , The UI isnt what should be noticed , The World pvp and the ownage of alli is what should be noticed. Alli now have to get a raid this time for ones in a long time to fight us and if we have the same numbers they just get more and still they get owned! In all honesty the alli in this world are bads, They just outnumber us and they still get killed. Yes We are Asian Healers <3
And TcT likes to run with us its why you see them around, Even TcT,s GM likes to come along.
01/01/2013 10:59 PMPosted by Bándet
I wasn't aware that 4-5 was a majority.. Being the only TCT people that come are Fear, Oszer, Elia, and Bullofdeath. Over half of the raid was illicitus, we invite others simply to share the enjoyment. The video was showcasing events we HOSTED. TCT and illicitus team up all the time.

I'm sorry you don't like the way pitbull clashes with the standard raid frames on the left.. I have been meaning to take care of it just haven't gotten around to it. I keep everything at the center for a reason, because that's where i'm looking. That big gap at the top right is there for a reason. I try to minimize eye movement as much as I can that way I am able to react quickly.
If you're able to react quickly using a cluttered UI like that, I shudder to think what you'd be able to accomplish with an efficient one!
As soon as the combat started i couldn't see though the clutter if you understood that then you have a very efficient brain and shouldn't be wasting it with wow
I thought the video was epic you guys are acting like a bunch of jelly nerds and Bandet your claim of it being mostly TCT members is wrong.
That UI is pretty bad, but if that's what you like cool. Takes away from the video IMO though. Hard to see what's going on.
01/01/2013 10:11 PMPosted by Kåriya

Ok first of all where was this edited? Movie maker?
Otherwise? It was pretty clever and had decent clips in it. With better editing it would've been a good video.
Btw bad music choice. Hardstyle music in a WoW vid? Gross.
Need more videos like this to attract dumb horde!!! Lets go people need more horde to kill!
Reszo you only kill lowbies, shut up.

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