i like people who make a lvl 1 to call reszo names.

This is more than win.
Ok first of all where was this edited? Movie maker?
Otherwise? It was pretty clever and had decent clips in it. With better editing it would've been a good video.
Btw bad music choice. Hardstyle music in a WoW vid? Gross.

Correct I do all I can with free programs. It was movie maker. I feel I could have done more with Sony Vegas, but I have other priorities.

I create my own hardstyle music. I feel hardstyle is adrenaline pumping ;3

EDIT: none of my music is in the video, was stating my love for Hardstyle. My music won't go public until I own the rights to them.
Post on a level 10 so we can see your mains achievements :) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/sargeras/Skmc/achievement#95:165
There's my 2700, before you try and dodge my statement.

Ok cool man, I care why my friend?
all I see is a hunter that has name/faction changed like 6 diff times.

must suck having no friends.
Deserves top
01/03/2013 08:43 AMPosted by Reszo
Need more videos like this to attract dumb horde!!! Lets go people need more horde to kill!

How are you full malevolent and still under hit cap?
Nice vid, Ui or not great to see horde out in the world !
01/02/2013 06:34 AMPosted by Kilic
Overall , The UI isnt what should be noticed , The World pvp and the ownage of alli is what should be noticed.
There was PvP in this video?? All i saw was a wallonumbers and spam.
I know that hunter and he is a good friend of a lot of ally and horde people

btw Hi Bandet :P
Are you planning on posting any videos where you fought off the alliance in Shrine of the Two Moons last night? That was crazy!
Illicitus We run this
I didn't get any footage. Didn't think about it at the time, the only thing on my mind was killing the Ally populars (Swifty, Bahjeera, Put down that cheeseburger Hotted)

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