[A/H RP-PvP Event] Assault on Lion's Landing

Wyrmrest Accord
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The sand crunched beneath the Commander's feet as he entered the tent. Hastily erected a safe distance away from the main battlefield, the Horde flag flew proudly above the canvas, the bulk of Lion's Landing less than a mile down the beach. Inside of the tent, multiple Orcish sergeants and combat officers were huddled around a map of the area, all of whom quickly made room to allow the Commander to view the battle plan.

The map showed Horde forces all around the stretch of sand leading to the Landing, some currently engaged in fierce combat, others entrenched behind barricades and weathering Alliance counterattacks. Enemy gryphon riders and saboteurs had made it almost impossible to move the battle line further towards the Landing, and it still remained too far out of range for the Demolishers to begin assaulting the walls.

As the Commander stared at the map silently, the other officers shared nervous glances with one another. The lack of progress during this last week did them all great dishonor, and their Commander was determined to not let it happen again.

It was no surprise then that the Commander let out a low growl, grabbing the attention of everyone around him as one massive green finger pointed to the center of the Alliance defenses.


He prodded the map once more, then moved a few crimson markers forwards towards the indicated spot, "Here is where we shall strike. We are not sniveling Gnomes, chiseling away at their walls until they wear away. We are Horde! Our men shall be the sledgehammer that smashes their defenses." Stepping back, the Commander nods, "One massive, unified strike by our forces shall crush them."

"Signal the men. Prepare to march. For the Horde!"


For the Horde and/or Alliance!

The time has come yet again, Wyrmrest Accord. On Saturday, January 19th, the Horde will make an assault on Lion's Landing in the Krasarang Wilds, in an attempt to break the stalemate on the beaches. Can the Horde make it across the beach and raze the base, or will the Alliance be able to push back the assault?

The purpose of this event is to create a opportunity to RP out the current Horde/Alliance conflict, as opposed to some random skirmish anywhere in the world. Looking for a way to get your character involved in the war between Horde and Alliance? Then sign up or show up, and become part of the ongoing story of WoW!

I would also like to make it clear that this is mainly an -RP- event, as this is an RP server. There will definitely be PvP involved, but the story behind it is the focus more than the actual fighting. If you would like to play a non-combat/PvP role, feel free to come and support your faction in any way you can!

More details will be coming, but if you have any questions/comments, feel free to leave them in this thread.

If you would like a calendar invite for you and/or your guild, either ask here, or contact:

Horde: Taldin
Alliance: Squibbles

Hope to see you there!

Date/Time as of now: Saturday the 19th, 5:00pm Server

UPDATE: As a reminder, to unlock Lion's Landing, you must do the first three quests of the new 5.1 Quests. No dailies or PvP, just those quests.
Interesting. Looking forward to this.
Afternoon bump!
You can count on Bloodsong Vanguard's Participation.

Lok'tar Ogar
Explosives, we need explosives...... *innocent smile*
Well it looks like im going..
01/03/2013 03:24 PMPosted by Lorashh
Explosives, we need explosives...... *innocent smile*

Your transmog.. I now want to level my goblin hunter instead of my orc hunter :|
A little birdie told me that PvP is the Devil.
01/03/2013 09:25 PMPosted by Nakhu
PvP is the Devil.

It's true. IT'S ALL TRUE.
01/03/2013 05:38 PMPosted by Skagrukk
Your transmog.. I now want to level my goblin hunter instead of my orc hunter :|

Thank ya I like the transmog set too! If you level your goblin hunter and RP.PVP you can join BSV and we can be a gob squad!
Bump back to the top! I've spoken with multiple guilds, Alliance and Horde, and this looks like it's gonna be a biggie...
RL stuff might happening for me that day but posted this on our guild forums and hope some FHT folks can make it! Sounds like a blast! If my RL plans fall through I'll def try to be there. :)
We'll be seeing you there.

Very excited to see this happen!
Definitely plan to make an appearance

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