Best Paladin spec for Pvp

Always has and always will be holy.

Get in the back and heal, paladin!

It reminds me of a post from Nikos
Hello, I am the ret.

Sometimes I am said to "Hey yous, you ret. Get in the "BACK AND TOSSA LE HEALZ"
Prot. Hands down every time.
Honestly ive been made fun of alot for being a PROT tank in PvP....At the end of the match im always top 5.. it takes so many people to heal me and i keep my healers safe. Good stuns, with racial silence, glyph right and understand you will be fighting alot and long fights, but time your stun locks and you can burst them down... I love Prot but am working on a rogue.

P.S I have not played yet in 5.3 so i can not tell now how i am doing with everyone at 60% BASE RES
Holy. It always has been, and always will be. Besides, you already fo kickass amount of damage as a paladin, have several damage reduction spells, and pair that with holy spec heals? That's why paladins tend to outlast almost everything else.
This is a bit of a necro'ed thread.... Ret and Holy are both good choices now...Prot is fun though still...

At least you can deal damage, unlike ret.
I have been playing since vanilla earned my Field Marshal in vanilla pvping as Ret. I raided ret top raiding guilds owned charts. Recently went back to pvp this season (season 13) still play ret still pwn hell I'm getting the hero title this season. I don't do much arenas so I don't know how that's plays well with ret. it boils down to how well you know your toon tweaking it and becoming better.

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