496 ilvl lock LF good home

Guild Recruitment
Pineapple Express is a guild for stellar players that raid on a casual schedule. As we are a weekend and weekly raiding guild. Looking for players to Prog with in our group.

We’re a home for people with significant school, work, or personal commitments that make regularly raiding 3+ nights impractical. Our members excel at the game, but cannot commit to the time-intensive raid schedules of traditional guilds.

Our members strive to be not just great players, but great people too. We are friendly, mature, laid back, and work together to get the job done.

We’re Alliance on Tichondrius.

We have One raid team. Our success in Cataclysm has given us an incredible ability to recruit–we’re able to fill one teams with players that are as skilled as they come. The strength of a guild in the long run is not who is on the roster currently but how well they can recruit for spots that inevitably open. On that we are one of the best.

Raid Schedule
We have ONE raid team: Red

Team Red-(Group 1)Mon-Wend from 8-11Cts. We also ask that you be on 15 min prior to raid for an Early start to getting more bosses down that night. We are currently 2/6HM in Mogu Shan and 6/6 In HOF and 3/4 in Terrace. We ask that all apps for the group come with logs and a great sense of intelligence for us to Prog with.

Our team run just 3 nights per week, 3 hours per night. We use a tight roster of 11-12 members per team. Our members have near 100% attendance. Real life happens, but it’s rare.


Group 1- Is in need of the following:
Tank Druid
Brewmaster Monk
Prot pally
Boomkin Druid
Death Knight Dps
Ele Shaman
P.S. All of the following classes above as for Tank's Should have a Dps offspec . In this group we hold a tight Roster of 12 people and relie on these 12 people to pull there weight so we ask that everyone in Both groups comes into an app with World of Logs. Thanks!

What Makes Our Guild Different:

The three most common things people look at when searching for guilds are (1) current class openings, (2) progression, and (3) raid times. While those are important, here are other things that make our guild stand out, in addition to our 3-night niche:

Low Turnover. We have never lost a single person due to jumping ship to a more progressed guild. Ever. That’s because people here genuinely enjoy our raiding environment. There’s no feeling that people are being carried. There’s no annoying member that is nevertheless tolerated. There’s no drama turning people away.

Commitment to Scheduling. Sometimes you’ll see guilds advertise certain raid schedules only to find out they regularly raid past their posted time that’s eating into your sleep or other commitments. Our raids end on time.

No Bench. Every member of our raiding roster is a valuable part of the team, and we won’t invite someone to the guild just to be a backup in case one of our raiders can’t make it. Sometimes you’ll see a guild advertise an open spot and end up disappointed when you’re allowed in for just 1 or 2 bosses. We strive to get our trials into every single boss and to be as welcoming as possible.

No Carries. When we say our players are stellar, we don’t mean 9 out of 10 of them are. Our entire roster consists of some of the best players you’ll find. While we will replace someone for performance reasons if there’s an issue, there rarely is. We do a great job of weeding potential problems out in the recruitment stage so that it doesn’t become a problem.

Personality. We take the game to have fun, but with a laid-back attitude. Nobody yells, and everyone maintain a light-hearted attitude, even during progression. We don’t troll general chat or brag on the forums. Overall our members are mature and pleasent to be around. We're accepting of all kinds of people, and have been home to women, LGBT members, parents, and foreigners. But raid time is when everthing gets serious.

Current Progression in Both of the groups is as followed:

6/6 MSV Reg 2/6 MSV HM
6/6 HOF Reg 0/6 HOF HM
4/4 Terrace 0/4 Terrace HM (1st boss Elite farm)

Contact Information for both groups are:
Battle Tag: Okori#1968 (Gm)
Battle Tag: Fortycal#1418 (Officer)
Battle Tag: Nephestus#1772 (Officer)
Hey Keloonn,

Vox Radix is a semi-hardcore, 25 man raiding guild, running 3 nights per week (8-12 CST Tues-Thurs), currently 6/6 (H) 5/6 (H) 4/4 for Tier 14.

We have been around since early Vanilla and have maintained a high level of play throughout our raiding existence, earning nearly all server first kills.

We are interested in adding a Warlock for our core raid team, who is looking for a guild and not just a raid group. We do expect a high level of effort to be put forth in preparation, execution, attendance, and consistency from all our raiders.

If you are interested feel free to contact myself by adding my battletag Cohren#1361 or any officer in game or at our website voxradix.guildzilla.com

Best of Luck with your guild search!
Hi Keloonn,

We are looking to add skilled dps to our raid team. Come take a look at what we have to offer.

We expect our raiders to be consistent, prepared, have great attendance and be ready to contribute to progression.

Guild Name: Blood Sweat and Tiers
Server:Destromath (PVP)

Raid Times:
* Thursday 6pm-9:30pm pst
* Sunday 6pm-9:30pm pst
* Monday 6pm-9:30pm pst

Take a look at our recruitment post and website.



If you have questions you can contact us via email or RealID at BSaTrecruiter@gmail.com

Recruitment Thread:

Current 10 Heroic Progression:
6/16H - 5/6H Vaults - 1/6H HoF

Raid Times:
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 7pm-11pm EST
Monday and Wednesday possible cleanup/progression days.

Current Needs:
FULL TIME SPOT FOR ANY OF THE FOLLOWING - Ret Paladin, Mage, Prot Paladin, Blood DK, Warlock, Shadow Priest, Boomkin


<Valhallas Finest> is currently recruiting all exceptional players of all roles, classes, and specs. We are currently 3/6H MSV, 6/6 HoF, and 4/4 ToES.

About Us
<Valhallas Finest> is the premier Alliance raid guild on server Maiev-US. We were founded during Dragon Soul, after the founding members' guild broke up off server. Valhallas was formed to be the first progression focused, and high ranked, raid guild on Maiev-US. Thus far, we have successfully been working towards this goal.

We finished Dragon Soul 8/8H, alliance first. Currently, in Mists of Pandaria Tier 14 we are still the leader of Alliance Progression. In addition, we are in heavy competition with the former uncontested realm first team on Horde for the Server First Heroic Kills.

Furthermore, on January 8th, 2013, Valhallas Finest became the first raiding guild on server to go 25m! In order to facilitate the needs of a 25m raid team, we are opening up our recruitment to all classes, specs, and roles (with certain emphasis on particular classes, see below).

Current Tier
3/6HEROIC - Mogu'shan Vaults
6/6 - Heart of Fear
4/4 - Terrace of Endless Spring

Previous Achievements:

Recruitment Needs
ALL exceptional players are considered, of any class, spec, or role! We are always looking to improve our roster!

BLOOD Death Knight - High Need
Hunter - High Need
DPS Shaman - High Need
BALANCE Druid - High Need
SHADOW Priest - High Need

Valhallas Finest currently raids four nights a week! We are on a West Coast server, however our roster is split between East Coast and West Coast players, so our times attempt to fit both time zones' schedule.

All times below are in server time, which is US Pacific time.
Tuesday -- 6:30-9:30PM
Wednesday -- 7:30-9:30PM
Thursday -- 6:30-9:30PM
Sunday -- 5:00-9:00PM

Following progression, our raid times typically scale down to 1-2 nights a week, depending on how long farm content takes to clear each week. In addition, we try to run 10m alt runs on Friday/Saturday, which are completely optional. We never ask our raiders to attend extra, optional, or extended nights/times! Our schedule is set in stone and we respect the busy schedules of our members.

Basic Requirements
    - We try to maintain a drama free and mature raid environment, so an 18+ age limit is recommended (Special cases may warrant exceptions).
    - Attendance is extremely important to any serious raid group, especially a 25m. Due to this, we require 90% attendance from our raiders. We understand real life happens, however this should not be regular occurrences.
    - An essential part to raiding, especially at a high level, is the ability to take criticism and improve based on feedback given to you. If you think you are doing everything absolutely perfect and have zero room for improvement, you are not for us.
    - Have knowledge of all of this tier's encounters. Our leadership will explain our strategy before initial pulls on progression, however we will not explain every individual mechanic. This is up to our raiders to learn prior to raid time.
    - Have a positive attitude towards pushing progression and rankings. Server Firsts, or other notable kill rankings, are rarely done in few pulls. Progression will involve wiping on bosses for a reasonable amount of time before kills.
    - Have a sense of humor! We are serious in progression and raiding, however most of us are friends in game, outside of raiding! Comradery and player cohesion is important to having a group that raids together well!

Interested? Read On!
If you believe everything above applies to you well, then you might just make a perfect addition to our team! Now what? Well, there are a number of ways to get a hold of us.

First, feel free to fill out an application over on our website (http://vfguild.guildlaunch.com)!! In addition, feel free to contact me in game for more details:

In Game Name: Lavathing
Server: Maiev-US Alliance
Battletag: Lavathing#1391

For the more expedited response we recommend applying at the website AND attempting to contact us in game!

Thank you for considering <Valhallas Finest> and good luck on your guild search!!

That is full of information but here is a basic rundown:

8-11 EST T/W/Th 25M

We are looking for exceptional raiders to push content harder since we have a short amount of time to raid in.

Hi there,

I've attached a link to our recruitment post to try and prevent anymore guild spam :-D


In a nutshell. we are [H]Silent-Turalyon, a 10-man weekend raid team and we've been looking for a warlock to join us. We raid Sat/Sun from 11am-3pm, and tend to go longer when we're close to a kill.

If you're interested, check out the link and see if we might be a good match!
Unhallowed is a 10 man hard mode guild (Horde) currently looking for a blood DK main tank and either 1 healer or 1 ranged/caster DPS.

We've been around for a few years and our goal has always been the same of clearing all hard mode content at the 10 man level while maintaining a real-life friendly raiding schedule. Our goal is to raid efficient and fun while still being on the edge of progression. We play on the Misha (PVE) server which is located in the Pacific Time Zone.

We raid Mon, Tues, Thursday, and Sunday from 7-10 pm server (PST).
We don't have an attendance requirement but do expect you to show to most raids. We understand real life happens and sometimes you're going to miss a raid day without advanced warning.

- Blood DK (main tank position, must be close to 100% reliable)
- 1 healer (druid, priest, or shaman preferred)
- 1 Ranged dps (mage, lock, boomkin, ele, spriest, hunter)

6/6 MV Heroic
3/6 HoF Heroic (Blade Lord, Garalon, Wind Lord)
4/4 TES Normal
- We've cleared all heroic content in Cataclysm (server first)

For more info or to apply, visit our website at http://unh.guildzilla.com
Additionally, you can contact any of the following officers in game on the Misha server.

About Us
Located on the US-Medivh server, Axis is a semi-hardcore raiding guild that was formed at the beginning of Cataclysm. We strictly raid 10 man content and we take pride in having a strong core of exceptional players. Most of our core raiders have been playing together for 3+ years and we are looking to add more skilled players to our tightly knit group.

With Mists of Pandaria comes a very bulky raid tier with a ton of bosses so we have recently added Sundays to our schedule as a clean up night. This gives us more time to work on progression. Sundays we usually finish up early but every member is expected to plan around raiding the full night if needed.

Raid Times
Tuesday - 8:30PM to 12:00AM EST
Thursday - 8:30PM to 12:00AM EST
Sunday - 8:30PM to 12:00AM EST (clean-up night)

MV - 6/6N 5/6H
HoF - 6/6N 2/6H
ToES - 4/4N

We use an open discussion loot system. Attendance, performance and size of upgrade are all things we look at when determining where to place loot. The initiate period lasts two weeks during which you will not be given loot priority over core raiders. It is very important that you do not miss raids during this time.

Recruitment Needs
Mistweaver Monk
Elemental Shaman
Resto Shaman
Shadow Priest

We will always consider exceptional players regardless of recruitment needs.

For more information please visit our website or contact an officer in game.
Billet - GM / Raid Leader
Merzedez - Recruitment Officer

Relax-Arathor is a 10 man raiding guild looking for exceptional players to fill its ranks!

Current Progression:
6/6 HM MSV, Realm First Heroic: Will of the Emperor
3/6 HM HoF, Realm First Blade Lord
4/4 ToES, Realm First Elite mode Protectors

Current Needs:
1 Ranged DPS: Mage and Warlock
2 Melee DPS: Frost DK and Rogue
1 Healer : Mistweaver Monk, Holy Pally or Disc Priest
And of course, exceptional players are always welcome

Raid Times:
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs 6-9PM PST

Loot Council

Guild Website:

What's expected of you:
To have a complete MS and OS gear with appropriate gems, enchants, and reforges that yield the greatest DPS/HPS/Mitigation which includes 2 crafting professions...gathering professions are not acceptable
To earn Faction reputation with all groups that provide gear and patterns
Knowledge and competency of ALL specializations of your class and to keep up-to-date with the latest theory-crafting, which allows you to know and play the best specialization for each fight
To provide your own flasks, potions, and 275-300 food
Your complete and undivided attention and highest level of motivation for the duration of the raid
Near 100% attendance and to log in often...not just for raids. If you are going to be absent from the raid, you will need to let us know well in advance
To show up AT LEAST 15 minutes before the start of each raid to receive special instructions
To have knowledge of all encounters prior to the first pull during progression
To have the ability to accept criticism as criticism is important to progression
To be active on our guild forums

We want to provide the most enjoyable raiding environment for all of our players, work together as a team, and to have fun. Our main goal will always be to complete ALL current Heroic content and earn all associated achievements before each new tier of content is released. Upon acceptance to the guild, you will start off as a Recruit and begin a two week evaluation period. After the evaluation period, you are either (A) made a Raider, (B) be offered advice in areas that need improvement and will be granted an extension to evaluation, or (C) given a "no hard feelings" farewell. All players are welcomed to join, but those wanting to raid will be expected to perform at a higher level. We don’t intend to waste your time so please don’t waste ours.

Relax is a Horde Faction guild that was created in Late Cata. Since then, we have continued to be a top 10 man raiding guild on Arathor. We look forward to hearing from you!
If you are interested come talk to Nerifes, Failnotice or Parksy, You can reach me via my Battle Tag Dacious#1592 for a faster response.
Hey Kel,

I am currently looking for strong talented ranged for our 25 raid team! So if you want to grind heroics , study BEFORE entering the raid, keep up on class mechanics, get out of bad, and (now this is a must) can laugh at extremely dirty jokes that make truck drivers cringe.... so if you can say yes...


Above is our spam/history. As you can see we have been around since tbc, and consider ourselves a home not just a guild. We also enjoy playing other games together such as : minecraft, killing floor, d3, dead island..etc etc... So if interested in joining our dysfunctional fam: Pakserian#1325. Hit me up and we will mumble!


GM of GC
Hi There! I'll save you the spam game and just give you some quick info!

25 man Semi-hardcore progression raiding

<Sunset> US-Dragonmaw, West coast pvp server

Raid times:
Tues/Weds/Thurs - 7:15 - 1030 pm PST

Current 25 Progression:

5/6H MV
2/6H HoF
4/4N ToES

We're actively looking for another warlock in our raids. If you feel we might be what you're looking for check out our website or hit me up on realid!


Bnet: Maesta#1642
4/16h carini#1207 if u would like to chat about raiding on area 52 horde :D
sup buddy, my guild needs 1 lock to complete our beast dps roster. We are pushing server top 10 on illidan and need a lock to do this. You would be coming into a established 10m heroic focused raiding guild that raids tues,thurs,sun 7:30-11:30 and are 4/16 Heroic.

gregorrit@gmail.com hit me up
Serious Banana (12/16H 10 man) is looking for ranged DPS. I'd be interested in talking to you. Feel free to add me at Satiel#1941.

The Serious Banana recruitment thread is at http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7592640155.
Spurious is looking for a mage, warlock, boomchicken, and/or elemental shaman. We raid Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7:00PM-10:00PM PST. We are currently 4/6 (H) 6/6 4/4. We are a ten-man guild.

We’re a friendly guild and strive to remain a nice environment for all players. This means that no sexist, homophobic, or racist language is allowed in vent or in guild chat. Most of our members are adults with careers and families.

We do care about progression, and we do strive to down the content while it is relevant. This means applicants should be skilled and patient. So if you're a mature adult or young adult and skilled player who wants to raid in a friendly environment, this is a good guild for you.

Anyone who wants to join the guild should be:

Respectful to other players.
Able to make 80-90% of raids (we run a very tight roster).
On time to raids.
Prepared to raid (flasks, food, pots, etc.).

Interested? Fill out an application on our website or contact me through realid: orbits#1106. http://spurious.wowstead.com/
Hey there

We're looking to add a skilled Lock to bolster our roster. If you're able to play competently, communicate well, and know your job/priorities on boss fights then you'd fit in very well. I've left my contact information at the bottom.

<The Afflicted> is currently looking for talented and great players.
<The Afflicted> is a 25man Heroic Raiding Guild. We've consistently been a top 25m Horde guild on our server, holding realm first kills for many previous heroic bosses. We're a guild you can rely on to remain a 25m, staying strong and competitive for expansions to come.

Website: http://www.theafflictedguild.org/
Current Progression:
4/6H MSV
1/6H HoF - Working on H Garalon
4/4 Normal ToES
Raid Schedule: Mon-Thurs from 7pm - 11pm CST*
*We typically raid less hours after progression.
WoL Rankings: http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/3425/rankings/players/
Battletag: Vayz#1839

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Sleight, Telepathy, or Arriussz in game.
Here's a quick overview of our guild :)
Our guild name is <Friend Zone> and we're 25 man.
Progression: 5/6 H Vaults, 3/6 H Heart Of Fear, 4/4 N Terrace of Endless Springs (w/ Elite Protectors)
Server: Darkspear, Alliance
Raid Schedule: Tuesday-Thursday 7:30PM-11PM MT (6:30PM-10PM PST, 9:30PM-1AM EST)
Website: www.friendzoneguild.com

Contact: Feel free to contact @ Vitaminwater: Battletag, Vitaminwater#1922 Or the GM Nawp: Battletag, Nawp#1149
Email: Nawp@friendzoneguild.com
Not sure if you've found a guild yet, but I'd be interested in adding you to the team.

We are currently looking for any and all quality players for 25M raids. We have a fairly active guild as well many working on acheivments/PVP and also run an alt 10m on weekends as well as a few casual/alt raids through the week.


To Apply:

To apply visit our website at http://www.gilneas-storm.net no registration is necessary to apply.

If you wish to speak to someone before or after applying feel free to contact Vaêr, Cynas, or Mahoo in game.

<Storm> of Gilneas is seeking exceptional players to push through progression encounters and competitively raid the hardest content in the World of Warcraft. <Storm> raids as a 25 man guild.

<Storm> is a legacy guild holding a Top ranked position on the realm. Formed in late 2004, <Storm> has consistently held top positions on Gilneas throughout it's history and strives to capture realm first kills.~Raid Times~ : Monday thru Thursday 7:00-11:00 EST
~Guild Website~ : www.gilneas-storm.net
~World of Logs~ : http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/26507/
~WoW Progress~ : http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/gilneas/rating.tier13_25

~Panda Progression~

Mogu'Shan Vaults 25 man 5/6 Heroic
Heart of Fear 25 man 1/6 Heroic
Terrace of Endless Springs 25 man 4/4 Normal

<Storm> raids with a larger flexible roster designed to cater to min/maxing and class stacking in the cases where it is ideal to the encounter. All raiding members of the guild are swapped in and out for achievements and gear they need once bosses are on farm. Every player in the guild sees progression content at one time or another. Spots in Raids are given based on class, spec, gear, skill, dedication, merit and drive.

Who Storm is looking for :

Storm is looking for people who want to raid and play WoW as much as they can, people who control their own play time and who own computers that can handle a raiding environment with a stable internet connection. Storm wants people who can sit at the computer the entire raid and not go AFK for various distractions around the home. If you are going to prioritize other things before raids, do not apply. You must be driven to raid until the last boss is dead to hold a spot in this guild. Applicants should be fluent in English, have a microphone/VoIP client and be willing to communicate through it.

As a DPS class in Storm, you should be constantly looking for ways to increase your DPS even by the smallest margins. You should be comparing your DPS output to ALL players not just the ones in your own guild. If you cannot bring TOP DPS to the raid, don't bother applying.

As a Healing class in Storm, you should be driven to increase your healing output using the most efficient spells, abilities and Talent Specs. You should be able to use all the healing tools available to your class and spec. In short, you should not be a one button spammer.

As a Tanking class in Storm you should have extensive experience raid tanking and the confidence to co-lead raids and call out pertinent information on vent. Storm's tanks should have the ability to maximize threat output and the knowledge to gear for each encounter individually if the content requires it.

As a raider in this guild you should prioritize raiding as much as anyone else in the guild does. You should not take missing raids lightly. We expect High Attendance and enthusiasm to raid regardless of the content.

Raid Environment :

This is a serious raid guild populated by adults that communicate on Mumble. Trash is cleared lightheartedly and efficiently, but boss fights are tightly executed with only the necessary info communicated through Mumble. Storm uses a loot council that awards gear based on merit, playskill, attendance and/or overall guild needs should such circumstances arise. Repair costs while raiding progression content are funded by the Guild Bank.

You can get into contact with me from my Battle Tag:

Or head over to our website and throw an app up
Average Joes is a 25 man raiding guild on the horde side of the server Bleeding Hollow (US). We are looking for a few players to complete our core progression group. We are currently 5/16 H 16/16 normal man, we are looking for to fill a few core positions for our 25 man group.

When we raid:
-Our current raid schedule is Tuesday-Thursday 7:30-10:30pm EST

What we have to offer:
-Average Joes provides a raid environment that stresses the importance of group work. It takes all 25 players to pay attention and focus, and do their part to downing each and every boss. We take pride in what we do, and we do it effectively.

What we expect:
-We expect that you are joining this guild with a want to raid. We should not have to beg you for something to be done. We expect that you will have vent installed, along with a working microphone so that you can be a part of the group effort. Knowing your class is also expected of you, having the proper gems and enchants on your gear so that you can perform to the highest of your potential. You should be online ready to accept your raid invite 15 minutes prior to raid as well as be outside the raid instance.

If this is something that you'd be interested in joining, please apply to our website at ajbh.enjin.com. If you have any further questions, and can't find your answers on the site, feel free to log over and ask any of our officers below. They will be glad to help you.

Death Knight- High
Druid- Medium
Mage- High
Paladin- High (Prot)
Priest- Medium
Rogue- High
Shaman- High
Monk- High (Mistweaver)
Warlock- High
Warrior- medium (DPS)

Subst - Sprish07 at gmail.com

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