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Hello folks! not sure if this is a browser issue, or a forums issue. About 30% of the time I try to login, or refresh a forum either by clicking the forum title or just hitting refresh, I get the error:


You don't have permission to access /wow/en/forum/topic/6713912320 on this server.

The link in the error changes to whatever forum I'm trying to access. I can usually just refresh the page again, and it works normally, but sometimes it takes a few times. It's an annoyance, really, not super terrible.

I have cleared my cache, cookies and history from my browser. I use Mozilla Firefox 17.0.1. Haven't tried with another browser yet. I haven't received any notification that my account would be blocked from forum access. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, as well?
This forum is for in-game bugs.

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Personally, no, I haven't had this happen. I'm using Firefox 16 at the moment. Oh, look! An update! I'll probably be using Firefox 17 very shortly.

Edit: Now on 17, hit refresh about a dozen times on the main forum page. No issues.
Edit2: This post was originally on the Bug Report forums, to alleviate any confusion from my post.
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