Breath of the Darkest Shadow.

Bug Report
This is more an oversight than a bug i think but annoying none the less.


I finally unlocked this quest for shieldwall. When the battle started I tried to grab one of the salvation of the protector lights that Anduin spawned only it took me out of Shadowform and prevented me from going back into shadowform as long as the shadow immunity buff was up.

It sounds intended but i dont think its intended to remove shadowpriest out of the form.
I also had an issue with this quest..

It also knocked me out of shadowform once I got the buff, but after losing the buff, I was prevented from switching back into Shadowform altogether.
Same. Does the 15 second immunity to Shadow magic really need to apply to our own Shadowform? It's a bit funny, but it's definitely a major inconvenience from a buff that is supposed to help the player. I don't even have quite the same action bar setup out of Shadowform, it's definitely not how I intend to be fighting a reasonably "major" enemy. Not that it was any trouble at all, but still.
I'm also running into the same problem. I lose shadow form and cannot get it back.
Also, sometimes after dieing when I rez I'm forced to start at the beginning and I have to kill all the corkoron guards over again, or worse, Ishi doesn't respawn and only Garrosh and Anduin are present and I'm unable to do anything other then leave the area and come back later.
I suspect the state of my own gear is also contributing to the problem I'm having completing this quest.
I also had the same problem. I couldn't get back into shadowform without logging out and back in. I submitted a bug report in game, hopefully it will be fixed. My non shadow action bar was very sparse compared to my normal shadow form bar, so it was actually a tough fight trying to cast spells straight from the spellbook.

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