Custom or "fake" cooldown timer?

UI and Macro
Long story short (shards willing) I want to try and keep haunt up 100% of the time.

Haunt has a cast time of 1.5 with a GCD

I would like to create a macro that starts a 6-7 second cooldown timer from the moment I cast it.

Currently i have this

/Castsequence reset=6.5 Haunt, nil

It shows haunt, then for 6.5 seconds it shows an unclickable red question mark, then flips back to haunt.

It's kinda ugly and I can't eyeball when it's about to flip over to "click me dammit"

So any way to add my own CD timer to it like #Cooldown=6.5
Best way to do it is to have another ability with the cooldown you want, and cast it at the same time, if it's not on GCD.

Then you can do
#show Haunt
#showcooldown Other Ability
/castsequence reset=6.5 Haunt, nil
/cast Other Ability
I'd use WeakAuras to either have a progress bar track the duration of the debuff or flash the icon on screen if the dubuff is not present or less than 2 seconds.

Staring at your action bars may allow you to cast spells at optimal times, but it costs situational awareness. The solution is to present the information closer to where your eyes are focused.
is there a way to get it to show the numbered time left of the CD on the macro?
On re-reading the post, the kind of timer you're trying to create, you can do with an addon. I do not know any mini scripts/addons for it but something like TellMeWhen or WeakAuras can make you an icon of that spell and you can hard code a CD that you want it to time.
Also, you can see if InlineAura can do it on the default bars instead of having to make separate icons, but no guarantees of custom timers for that one as that's not really what it's for.
I know you can make a macro to count down from a certain time on the in-game stopwatch.

/script Stopwatch_Play();
/stopwatch 7;

You can replace the "7" with whatever you want it to countdown from (if you wanted to use 6 or whatever).

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