Felguard Weapons... anyone notice them?

You don't have to worry about using the dreadsteed glyph in BGs, because the water walking from the glyph is disabled in pvp environments.. sorry :(

Also, I bet more people notice it than you think. A lot of the time I'll see someone's transmog, or even their felguard's weapons and think how cool/ugly it looks, but I don't say anything.
Ashkandi for life
I use that green Torn-heart axe from the shadowmoon valley quest chain.

Has a nice lock feel

My Wrathguard uses this and the shiny purple mace from ol' three-face in BT.
does anyone know what the 2 swords that the Felguard has the 2 fire ones >?

In the future, I'd just make a new thread rather than bumping the old one. But the model of the polearm that the wrathguard uses is Hellreaver

Felguard uses the model of Arcanite Reaper
My wrathguard either uses two Black Ice pole arms or I use the Sulfuras, the Extinguished Hand from FL Ragnaros and the completed legendary Sulfurus from MC.
Several people have asked how my pet is able to wield a polearm (Black Ice).
I use heroic Starshatter or heroic Gruthalak...also have oxheart from ICC. I am wanting to get sulfuras and Ashkandi
He can also wield 2h Maces but the glyph doesn't say it.

Whenever I play Demo I use dual Warmaul of Infused Lights. I like the look of it, and its a unique model that virtually no one ever uses.
I keep seeing Wraithguard mentioned. I thought this only worked for the Felguard ?
I keep seeing Wraithguard mentioned. I thought this only worked for the Felguard ?
No, it works for the wrathguard as well. You just have to have two weapons in your bags instead of one for it to work because he dual-wields.

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