Why is Necroing/Bumping bad?

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@Elementaru, Please stop. You are keeping an argument going determined to have the last word and 'prove' you are right and he is wrong. Cut it out. After that post I wouldn't be surprised if the CM locks this thread. Probably should if you don't stop.

It has been said many times already, bumping for the pure sake of pushing a thread to the top without adding anything meaningful is not acceptable. Replying to an old thread with an answer, question, or other information that is pertenant to the subject is okay.

For example, the thread where the gnome went from level 1 to 85 without a single quest or looting or joining a guild, all in her starting gear was very old. but as she progressed she updated it and others posted on it to get an update, moving the thread to teh front to be seen again. that is fine. Or Info about gear, or a quest. I could do a search for soemthing, find a thread or threads on it and onemight somewhat answer my question. So it's okay if I reply to it, moving the thread to the front and others will see it again and perhaps have updated info instead of making a new thread.

It's the content/context that is important, not the pure act of necroing an old thread. Each case has to be looked at individually.

So what is it? Is bumping bad(generalization), or is bumping sometimes fine?

Like every debate, it depends on your definition of "bumping".

1. If you define "bumping" as making a thread move to the top, then bumping is sometimes fine.

2. If you define "bumping" as making a thread move to the top by doing the bare minimum to just add a post, then bumping is bad.

How do YOU define bumping? Then I'll answer for YOUR definition.

Personally I define bumping as the first one and the second one. So when I say "bumping is okay if it is done for constructive reasons", I'm using the first definition.

However YOU tell me which definition you want (1 or 2) and I'll answer for that definition of the word.
Okay... maybe not.

Anyway, I think the rules have been clarified enough for most people to understand.

Thanks folks.
12/18/2012 06:31 PMPosted by Elementaru

I feel like I should do something... but I'm not sure what. I have like, magical powers that can make people stop talking and yet I can't fully justify using them right now.

Can people just stop being upset about how forum guidelines are interpreted? :) Or, if there's some specific question, maybe I can help clarify how we intend them.

If you want me to cease with this argument, I will. However, I'm tired of insinuations of me just "not understanding," or that I "can't grasp the obvious point," while someone is back-peddling.

I have nothing against Snowfox, whatsoever. I just happen to disagree with her original assessment of the situation, and then when I, and others, pointed out how her original post was perceived, she wants to argue that we just "didn't understand" while tweaking her stance.

I think I've tried to be pretty civil in this thread, and I apologize if anyone has taken offense, as that wasn't my intent. I just wish for the same civility without deception of what original posts actually said.

I think it's just a simple confusion of terms, although I've not read every post. "Bumping" can mean a few different things. In a specific forum use it means bumping a thread with the word "bump" or maybe just a few words with the sole purpose of elevating the thread to the top of the forums to gain visibility. That is not an acceptable practice. However, what happens to a thread when it's posted in, even if it's the most excellent post ever, is technically still called a 'bump'. Bumping isn't ok, but bumping is if X. It's just not the best way to phrase things I'm sure but them's the terms people use.

I'm just not sure what is to be gained by continuing to discuss ... the discussion. I recommend we all move on to bigger and brighter threads.

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