[A] <TKT> LF2 DPS, 6/6 MSV 10, 2/6 HoF 10

TKT (level 25) is a 10-man casual raiding guild that is in the midst of rebuilding our raiding roster after some unexpected and unfortunate departures that have prevented us from raiding for a few weeks. We are currently looking for 2 solid dps. We raid Tuesday & Wednesday from 8:00 PM server to 11:30 PM server.

Applicants should:
• Have a ilvl of 475 as a minimum.
• Know your class/spec.
• Be able to make both raid days, excluding emergencies.

Regarding raids:
• The Guild will provided flasks, pots, and repairs.
• Drops are handed out through simple rolls

Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our recruitment? Add SilentBoB#1541 or Sorensu#1779.
Progression now up to 6/6 MSV 10. Still looking.
Blueberries are good.
Updated to reflect our current needs amidst our rebuilding efforts.
Best of luck!
Blueberries are still good.

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