My thoughts on purge of Dalaran (spoilers)

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01/15/2013 12:20 AMPosted by Juibloc
that is super shady.

And I like it that way.
01/15/2013 06:04 PMPosted by Seiryu
Wasn't Jaina put in place as the leader of the Kirin Tor? Why would she need to "power-grab" From Aethas. That doesn't make sense.

Dalaran wasn't a dictatorship prior to the power grab; the Six voted on issues pertaining to the state and the leader carries them out. Jaina essentially threw out 1/6 of the ruling power of the city state on her own.

And yet considering Jaina is still the leader after her stunt, its a fair guess that the rest of the council agrees with her decision to kick out the Sunreavers.
Well to some degree most people are still holding Theramore up as an example of Sin'dorei treachery. But the truth is (dispite the attittude of the agent who commited the act) the Sunreavers were not in bed with Garrosh at that point. That was strictly an act perpetrated though Garrosh's orders though Silvermoon. Despite the many factions of us that do exist and that Kael was able to do some !@#$ed up things. But we casted him aside too.

You have to remember, we are but a fraction of what we once were. Being devoured by the Scourge and having experienced countless internal betrayals. We really had no choice but to join with the Horde. And I can speak for most of the Horde when I say this, including Sin'dorei, but we all didn't like Garrosh when he suceeded Thrall and we really hate him now. Specially after this.

As was stated Lore was under secret talks with Wrynn about joining the Alliance again. But this whole Bell thing leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth just about. Lore's finally had enough of Garrosh and is finally making moves after just standing up in Sunfury minding his p's and q's not really apparently caring the rest of the Horde was doing. But it took the Sin'dorei being threatened for him to leap into action.

Personally I do hope that Lore becomes the new Warchief. Though at this point it could be Vol'jin, Baine or Lore at this point. Or even Chen. Everybody's been wanting Thrall to come back since he left. But I personally don't think that will happen.

I don't say Sylv because just about every living member of the Horde or on Azeroth will conclude that giving the Banshee Queen more power will just expedite her turning us all into Forsaken which would be the most effective way to eliminate all that 'stands in thier way'.

And to be truthful Baine is still a bit young even though he's excellently tempered for the job as is Vol'jin. Though I have this sneaking suspicion that Vol'jin will die during the siege. Chen would be the most outlandish choice.

But to be honest. I would run back to the Horde full and completely if Lore were to become Warchief.

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