Pet Battles
All of the above + 50k should net you one easily.

Happy Hunting!
Thanks for the vote of confidence. I hope so too!

Also, Rocket Chicken is now lvl 25, AND i now have a Bananas to trade as well. This is an extremely generous offer for that soul-trade. Someone add me so we can talk.
Bananas and Eye of the Legion are also both lvl 25 now as well.
Bump - Im still looking :)
You should chat with this guy: SmallPaul84#1866

He's a nice fella.

Thanks Dacheezball, I contacted the guy, but the trade is dependent on him getting another trade to go through. So in the meantime I'm still looking! :)
Well, that guy traded his ethereal away last night, so, sadly, I am once again on the lookout for one myself. If anyone has one, please message me! I can work something out that you would like.

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