New 10M guild <Capax Infiniti> recruiting!

Hello Illidan,

<Capax Infiniti> is a guild that has just formed, consisting mainly of friends that raided heavily together during Wrath and early Cata, most of us taking a long break until now.

We are looking both for raiders that wish to follow a casual schedule, with a hardcore attitude. If you are one of those interested in raiding, we currently have needs for all roles, and plan to raid on Tuesdays/Wednesdays starting at 9 PM server, going on for 3-4 hours, with a possible cleanup raid on Thursdays at the same time. Raiders will be expected to show up with a hardcore, mature, and progressive attitude, as our schedule is much more on the casual side.

Essentially, we are looking for people who make the most out of their raids - people who take the time to research their class and fights, gem and enchant properly, flask during progression, etc. We are currently in the process of rebuilding our toons - so I do not expect applicants to be decked out in Heroic raid gear. I do, however, ask that you are a serious raider, and that you will push the best out of yourself during raid hours. We would love to hear about your experiences as a raider, and see that you can be dedicated to downing bosses.

Contact me at Zakhaev#1408, or send my character a mail!


1x Protection Paladin - HIGH need

1x Rogue - HIGH need
1x Hunter - HIGH need

1x Restoration Shaman - HIGH need

Casual players are welcome as well, if you want to bring your friends or just make new ones, we have a place for you!

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And suddenly... Bear.

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Bump because we are cute. Well, mostly me. I'm cute.

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I would like to chat with you, I will hit you up in-game at some point.
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01/24/2013 03:00 PMPosted by Caustiç
I would like to chat with you, I will hit you up in-game at some point.

Hey Caustic, sorry for the late reply! If you see this, send me an ingame mail when you can.
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Still looking for a Tank or Ele Shammy. Pst myself or Zakhio for more info!
You can also contact Reziak for more info.
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