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So, last night a warrior on my realm held a competition for gold, /roll, so more like a raffle.

My rolls all sucked, but it was still fun to do. I felt good and started crafting free stuff for people.

Hopefully they'll remove the trade restrictions so you can go back to doing this kind of thing, it makes people feel good and inspires more to do the same. I get a little ticked too, when I try to give a mana pot or item to someone but I can't, as they're not from my realm. :(

You two.


If you keep fighting, I swear, Imma turn this car around and crash it into a crz.

And we know what happens when you drive other people through crzs.

Hope you have a chute on hand.

Now, to the OP, you could try saying in /1 that you'll hand out stuff to people from your home server, it may seem unfair to other server players, but it may also inspire some of them to do the same ( even if only to show you and your server up, server on server competition like).
That makes absolutely no sense at all! How can you say that my posts are not constructive or make any comment about them at all if you aren't even "listening" aka reading them? Sorry, but that's just ridiculous and defies all logic. I'm over it now though, you seem to want to make things personal, and I won't have any part of that sorry. All I can say is that I apologize for saying something that was taken WAY out of context, and didn't mean to generalize the WHOLE wow player base, I know there's probably more good wow players than bad ones, I may have just been in the wrong places, wrong servers etc.

Every year since I have started playing I roll a level one alt who is one of Greatfather Winter's sons and load up with bags, level 5 gear and some gold and run to Northshire and hand out gifts to brand new wow players who just started the game. You know 2- 3g starting money and a 10 slot bag that kind of thing as a welcome to our world kind of thing in the spirit of the season. Kind of like WoW toys for tots

This is a lovely idea! Sorry to hear that CRZ has put a damper on your time of spreading holiday joy. :(
Aw thats so sweet Pappy, don't quit though over that, Blizzard will fix it okay, don't quit :( the game needs more nice people like you :(
Honest, constructive feedback derailed by unnecessary and inappropriate comments. This seems like the wrong day to be this negative towards each other.

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