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Wyrmrest Accord
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A large scroll was pinned up to various Hero boards, inside some buildings, and certain trees.

"Attention citizens of Stormwind! His majesty, King Varian Wrynn, has issued an order for new recruits for The Stormwind Guard Regiment. Our brothers and sisters are off in distant lands currently fighting off the Horde army and the city itself is currently in need of more protection.

We are looking for the strongest and the bravest of Stormwind to help protect our fellow citizens. As a regiment, we are under the command of Captain Callum and we protect the areas around Stormwind as well so we are not restricted to only the City.

Sign up for recruitment is held at the Command Center. We hope that you will join us so that our numbers may grow and we may help in keeping our sacred city safe. For justice and honour

OOC stuff

We are a low level start up guild who is looking for experienced RPers. We host events and patrol the city. We have small story lines in the towns near Stormwind, and we are open to be invited to other events that would want guards involved.

We will never intrude on public RP without asking the parties involved if we can. We try to avoid conflict and will choose to avoid arguments by avoiding RPers who do not like the idea that the city of Stormwind has laws.

We would prefer you be able to handle being in rough situations, as this type of guild will encounter many. We do not get into OOC arguments, because that could cause a bad name for out guild, plus, it is rather immature. We want a drama free environment and would like mature RPers.

If you do not believe you are a good RPer, we will be glad to help you grow. We have plenty of friendly people willing to help you become better. Though if we do believe you do not meet the qualifications, you will remain in the recruit rank until we believe we can trust you to random RP correctly.

We do not accept Death Knight or Warlocks. We also would prefer human race, but we do accept others, though you must have been a resident of Stormwind for some time. You can talk to anyone about recruitment but the main people you want to talk to would be Darterion or Härmony.

When you are first accepted, you will not be allowed to leave the Command Center until you have been trained and promoted (Don't worry it doesn't take THAT long). Also, expect to spar to test your skill before we decide if you may join or not.

If your Guild has an up coming event or anything else, please let us know if you would like some of us to be there for whatever reason.

We look forward to RPing with you all!

If you would like to apply for our Guild please send in an application at our website

Any Guilds looking to collaborate please go to the 'Apply' tab as well on our site. There is an application for Guilds specifically.
I think this is a great idea, if successful. You seem to have solid organization.
Awe thanks ;D. Yeah we're trying, brand new so the problem right now is numbers.
We do not accept Death Knight or Warlocks.

Are Shadow Priests accepted?
I don't have any alliance Toons, nor would I ever roll an Alliance toon being Wyrmrest Accord's most Horde Loyal Zealot and a Kor'Kron. But I support you and I support player run Guard Guilds so long as they are made to improve and encourage roleplaying and not be bullies and godmodders.

You look different Keithoo, did you get a new haircut?
I used some ink to get the grey outta my hair, what do you think? Think Mugala will like it?
I think it looks nice, I do not know this Mugala or her likes so I cannot say whether or not she will.
Best of luck to you guys! Sounds much better than other Guard guilds we had on Moon Guard.

So glad I transferred.
Lol wtf Kietho.
12/30/2012 11:30 PMPosted by Tomathias
We do not accept Death Knight or Warlocks.

Are Shadow Priests accepted?

I believe they are, have not been told otherwise, I would have to double check though, I am not the GM but I pretty much handle everything. I'll get back to you on that when my GM gets outta bed finally lol.
I was approached by this person ICly and handed a flier; it was a nice bit of walk-up, my impression was of a solid RPer.

Bump for goodwill and good luck!
Tomathias, we do accept shadow priest, but they would be under a watchful eye at all times.
I support this.

Many, many times have guard guilds been created and failed, terribly. I've always had some sort of stigma against them, even though I can definitely see them played well.

I think I'm seeing them played well here.

Your organization seems top notch, and I can tell that you guys know what you're doing.

If I had any desire to create a human, ever, I would probably end up looking you up. But, alas, that has no chance of ever happening ever no it's never going to happen who are you to judge me

Good luck to you, and I hope everything runs smoothly.

We do not accept Death Knight

Good for you guys.
I too disallow Death Knights from receiving Grunt Armor or joining Kor'Kron Loyalists.

Death Knights have no place being Grunts or Guards!
If you want the honor or being one you need to level from 1 not jump into a level 55 Deathknight and think cause you can wear the armor you can play the role!

Death Knights are Death Knights, get back to slinking in the shadows and being anti social like your supposed to be.
-salutes- Ma'am.
Kietho. What the heck. I like you lol.

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