Stormwind Guard Now Recruiting

Wyrmrest Accord
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This should be interesting.

I wish you guys best of luck. OOCly, of course.
Thanks :3 We've actually gotten a good bit of interviews just today.
It is nice to finally see a Stormwind Guard guild that doesn't want to take on the role simply to boss others around. You all seem like you have a good thing going for you, so best of luck with your guild and everything.
01/01/2013 01:27 AMPosted by Kietho
We do not accept Death Knight

Good for you guys.
I too disallow Death Knights from receiving Grunt Armor or joining Kor'Kron Loyalists.

Death Knights have no place being Grunts or Guards!
If you want the honor or being one you need to level from 1 not jump into a level 55 Deathknight and think cause you can wear the armor you can play the role!

Death Knights are Death Knights, get back to slinking in the shadows and being anti social like your supposed to be.

Wooooow..... Pre-conceived notions for the win, here.

Death Knight RP sucks because it's all anti social and slinking in shadows, so we won't let them get into RP that isn't anti-social or slinking in shadows.
I think he was being sarcastic Amtherion. .-. maybe.
...Damn you internet and your lack of verifiable sarcastic tones...T_T

In that case, I apologize for being on a short-wire and not being able to recognize said sarcasm. I'll....I'll just see myself out now.
12/28/2012 07:32 PMPosted by Härmony
We will never intrude on public RP without asking the parties involved if we can.

Doing it right. <3

Good luck with your guild.
Awh Amtherion it's okaaaaaaaay~

Thanks treue. We're trying! (^-^)/
Though I've lost love for being in guard/military guilds, I commend you for your rules of RP engagement (or summin') and all things related. I hope you do terribly well in your endeavors and thank you for not planning on walking around and being asshats to everyone.
Just so you know, I will be contacting you Harmony. As Kietho will attest, all I ever play is Guards, and I wish to hone my guard craft :D
Sweet, go ahead and put in an app at the guild site
app in!
I hope you guys get this off the ground and get people going. It's annoying to find a lack of guard RPers on the Alliance side, especially when people feel it's okay to just ignore NPC guards. Good luck to you all.
Happy Friday everyone! For those applying, please keep in mind this is a new guild and there are not many members right now so it's not going to be super active, but once you are promoted you can patrol and do things on your own. Being a guard is easy access to random RP.
I feel terrible for what you guys are going to have to go through. Good luck. Avoid the taverns.
I'll hit all the taverns, after all, who doesn't like a Kul Tiran!?
I always patrol the taverns, Recluse and Lamb. It's funny when I walk into the Lamb it's always criminals so they all get really quiet. I'm just like "WHAT CHYALL TALKIN' 'BOUT?"

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