Stormwind Guard Now Recruiting

Wyrmrest Accord
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Bump because im pullin an all nighter yeah!
A rebump because im getting online.
*cackle cackle, snicker snicker* Oh look, guards. The one thing almost all bad-RP'ers ignore. I'm glad to see there's an active group of you. One of my guild's RP rules is to accept arrest, hopefully from one of you *wink*. Luckily, I've left Stormwind recently. so you won't have to deal with me, though, you might run into one of my followers out there, if so, good luck!
Great to hear Nox! :D
I am in your city, Propaganding your troops...
I am in Keitho's hammock, eating his cookies.
....those arn't cookies Kaltokk...those are Kodo "chips"...we use those as firewood fuel.....
I'm not stupid Keitho, I found your secret stash of cookies.
Damn...I thought a box that said Kodo Chips wouldn't be look into.

My Chocolate Chips! Nooooo!!!
I've never heard about Kodo Chips, that's why I looked in the box.
We always have cookies.
I made cookies once. No one wanted any. *foreveralone.jpg*
Yeah but then you can eat them all yourself.
These bumps are getting old
We work hard in the Regiment to make sure that we provide a fun RP element for everyone to enjoy if they choose. I would highly recommend anyone who reads this to join up because we are working hard to make this guild the pinnacle of what a guard guild should be.

Bumpity bumpity bump bump
I would -love- to see a bunch of guards actually doing rounds/walk-patrolling the city in SW garb.

Bump for you guys! And good luck with recruitment!
I've a small-ish idea-ish type thing in a way kinda.
01/14/2013 06:32 PMPosted by Nòx
I've a small-ish idea-ish type thing in a way kinda.

Shoot me the idea or add me online, we can talk one out.

For those interested, an event for how to properly handle situations will be held for any and all Guard role players, covering such things as Investigations, Arrests, Crowd Control, and my all time favorite subject.

Guards and the Citizens, how can YOU serve at your best ability, as polite as you can.

Shoot me a Mail for an invite.

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