Stormwind Guard Now Recruiting

Wyrmrest Accord
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A bump, for amazingness!
Secondary bumpage.
A bump for truth and justice

For those interested. Stormwind City Laws!

...We won't be using the exact punishments listed, but we'll be following these laws for the most part.
§5: Brawls, outside:

Possible ban from city.

Something more people should take note of.
^ Yes.
Bump for an enemy. Rawr. *cursing*
Hey, are you guys free for another event this next upcoming Saturday?
Yeah we are.
Cool, maybe we can hammer out a second event between the two of us. I, of course, would bring along a second Dark Crusade guild, though.
Our numbers are a little thin, but I hope we can work something out.
Hm maybe we'll have a Shadowguard and Guard Regiment only event this time? I don't know. We can discuss this whenever you guys feel up to. :>
Yeah, we're working on recruiting still, alot of people have suddenly stopped coming online plus one of our members currently can't access WoW so this event would be slightly small this time around.
/Bump for a fellow Guard Guild !
Bumpin. Recruiting more, but our standards are rising. See the website in the OP.

Added note: If you or another guild have issues with how we conduct things PLEASE let us know! Our core tenant is cooperation with all or as much of the RP in the community out there, being purely based on random RP. We only want IC conflict, not ooc drama.

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