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01/01/2013 12:58 PMPosted by Brolandi
awesome little fan club you got goin' on here

Yep, I am the president of < Kathos' fan Club LLC>
look at me im makeing spam
01/01/2013 08:42 PMPosted by Savage
look at me im makeing spam

01/01/2013 08:06 PMPosted by Bradok
awesome little fan club you got goin' on here

Yep, I am the president of < Kathos' fan Club LLC>

Idk jordan had the first level 90
We only have room for one loser in the <Kathos fan club> so jordan is out.
A is for Angrythos
B is for Ballthos
C is for Crampthos
D is for Dumpthos
E is for Emothos
F is for Friendthos
G is for Grumpythos
H is for Hangoverthos
I is for Isuckthos
J is for Jay Modes
K is for KathosKathos
L is for Lumpythos
M is for Malleablethos
N is for Nerdthos
O is for Ofacethos
P is for Plumpthos
Q is for Qualifiedthos
R is for Rampagethos
S is for Stumpythos
T is for Tyranicalthos
U is for Underagethos
V is for Voluptuousthos
W is for Whinythos
X is for Xxythos
Y is for Yawnthos
Z is for Zanythos

Btw, Kathos is OCD and he can't help but to reply to every msg sent to him and even more so answer every question truthfully. So free feel to msg him. Alot.
Guys I'm doin dail's right away.... you in Dailthos?
That's one small step (a)man, one giant leap for manthos. -Neil Armstrong

Also I claim all rights to the <Kathos fan club LLC> Not to be confused with those alcoholics over at <Fan club of Kathos LLC> or the immoral <Club of Kathos fans LLC>
At-least badthos had the ballthos to join a 25manthos guildthos and not some rinky-dinkthos crapthos 10manthos. Propthos respecthos. Im sure he will be backthos after shathos
leasthos they joinedthos guilds that killedthos bosses in their brackethos. :)
I thoroughlythos enjoyedthos having a relaxingthos eveningthos on the easier versionthos of a fightthos. It's now timethos to do the realthos versionthos.

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