Snow in Storm Peaks?

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does it snow there now? or did blizzard make snow a "rare" thing?

I've been camping this for a while now and it just doesn't seem to be snowing. I do have my settings turn up all the way. I remember it snow way more when I was lvling here so long ago.
In the past 3 days it snowed 3 times on the CRZ where Tichondrious is located. Once on Wednesday, twice on Friday.

I don't play here, but my buddy let me hop over the first time to get a few foxes. We were there for about 20 minutes or so before it ended.

I'm not aware of anything that happened on Thursday, but on Friday he let me hop over again to try and get my rare fox, since he got his on Wednesday. Snow went on for 30 minutes or so. Didn't get my fox, but a couple hours later he said it was snowing again - this time the snow was there for over an hour, I got my rare fox after that hour then left so I'm not sure quite how long that one lasted - but it was awhile.

So I'd say it's more a random thing, rather than rare if the same CRZ can get it 3 times in 3 days, and twice on the same day.
Strange, I've been camped here for days and on the ground and have not seen it snow once. Now of course I'm not on 24 hours and I could have easily have missed it, but today I've been sitting here since about 9am server time and still nothing.
It took me a week to catch snow in Storm Peaks, so I would say its a rare thing for the zone. Just check back often and you will catch it one time. It snows for hours once it happens too.
It was snowing on one of the Brazilian servers about an hour ago, picked up two rares.
yeah, still nothing for me yet :(

I hope this isn't a phasing or something else causing me not to see storms.
It's got to be global warming, it's just not snowing like it use to in Storm Peaks

Do you fly around the zone or you just camp one spot?
It snows in subzones, so you might miss one if you are camping at one spot.
Mostly camp but I do fly. I read in places that if it snows in one spot it snows in all, that's why I stopped flying around so much.
Well today I finally got my Arctic Fox! I logged on and it was snowing and has been for over an hour now.

Funny the the spawns of pets seems to have stopped even though it's still snowing.

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