[RP] Visions (Part Four, Updated!)

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It's unfortunate that my role-play thread has turned into this. It's also coincidental that you "cannot remember" the site you used. The site I used is one used by teachers to check students work and is usually very accurate. So accurate in fact, when I checked the first part of the story, it gave me a link to my own story on these forums saying that is where the phrase came from.

Why is PvP being brought into this? It wasn't even mentioned. This is an RP thread and I was just voicing my disdain for the accusations against me and providing proof that they are lies.

Please see your way out of my thread.
Thank you.

The Awakening. (Part one/two.)

Visions. Part four.

This time was different. Delilah could feel the druid beneath her, she could hear his thoughts. He made sure every hoof-step was sure and balanced on the cobblestone. Her sights shifted to a deep green hue to a dark blue, then red, then orange. Her mind settled on a recent, but fond, memory.

The bar was bustling with activity, she knew it was Jake, but she didn’t know at the time of her memory. A group of friends sat at the long table, sharing laughs and drinks with Jake sitting next to a female Night Elf. Her sword rested against the wooden chair perfectly, almost like there was a notch formed from it being there so often. Delilah glanced at them as the table laughed in unison.

“…And then he tried to jump the span of the Tol Barad bridge, but his tiny goblin legs wouldn’t allow him to jump that high!” They all busted out laughing hysterically. Tears almost formed from the laughter and Delilah couldn’t help but smile with them.

“We saved him from falling to his death by killing him ourselves. More painful that way!” Jake replied in between giggles here and there. The female night elf nodded at Delilah in that moment.

“Sit with us elf, we are merely sharing fond memories of our best kills… I am Zephyres.” She points around the table naming names.

To the Night Elf to her left. “Jake.”

To his left, a Human warlock. “Kink.”

Another female druid next to the warlock. “Coolberry.”

The two dwarves next to her, brothers it seemed. “Akkbarr and Jova.”

Next to the two dwarves, two graceful Draenei, unreleated. “Sabbra and Trixxa”

And beside her sat sister humans. “Stilettos and Missy.”

Delilah greeted them all with heartfelt hello and took a seat next to Jake. Jake glanced toward the door and nudged the warrior and Delilah next to him. He slyly pointed to a muscular Night Elf male, who seemed to be a hunter with a bow strapped to his back, whom had just entered the bar. He whispered low to the two ladies.

“THAT is a hunk of meat I would definitely tear my claws into!” He growled low in his own excitement.


The night went on, laughter and stories were exchanged, mugs were filled with rich ale of the season.

The memory flashed by too quickly to Delilah’s liking, she wanted to savor this vision, and it was the best one yet. The smell of the sea brought her back to her senses. She shifted on Jakes back, sighing, laying on him correctly with her legs to his sides.

“Almost there Lady Delilah. Tyrande should be able to help you.” He said in their native tongue. Delilah wrapped her arms around the stags neck in a silent thank you.

“I hope so.”
Very well done.

Very well done indeed.

I expect more, just so you know.
Very well done.

Very well done indeed.

I expect more, just so you know.


There will be more.

((Bumping for new excerpt coming soon.))

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