[H] Xcelsior GMT+8(25m) 11/13H LF heals n war

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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sorry for a late reply

yea ill add you soon lei
Bump for 6/16 HM, looking for more raiders to strengthen our roster for 5.2!!!
Looking for Moonkins, Rogues and WW Monks to join our raiding force!

All exceptional players are also more than welcome to apply :)

We are currently looking for the following players :

1 x Rogue (High Priority)
1 X Resto Shaman (High Priority)
1 X Moonkin (High Priority)

1 x Disc Priest
1 x Shadow Priest
1 X Elemental Shaman
1 x Windwalker Monk
1 x Hunter
1 x Mage

Please drop an application at http://xcelsior.enjin.com/
Free bump to support 25 man raiding on our server
25man raiding > 10man in 5.2 !!

Bump for more like-minded raiders~
if only my school not at night =.=
Hey there,

I am looking for a new home!

I am after a serious late night guild to offer my services too.

I have been raiding since early wrath, into current heroic content.

I would prefer a 25m Guild but not fussed with 10.

I live in Australia, but need to raid late nights due to RL commitments, but when I raid, I am 100% commited.

I am a likeable guy, never any drama, willing to sit out on fights for the sake of progression!

Willing to server Xfer and faction change if needed!

Hope to hear from any interested parties soon!

bump for 25m gmt+8 timezone raiding. Keep the flag flying.

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