[A] <Lzuruha> Is here! LFM!

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just need to fill those last 4 spots and we will be here!
Im intrested i just posted a application on http://mylzh.net/showthread.php?31419-Astrapi-379-rsham-ele-enh not sure if that was the right place to do it but take a look at it i have many alts and can fill a couple of those spots listed
Haha it's alright that was our stormreaver application xD
bumping ! so people can see it and i can fill out an app already ~! Lol :)
Up up!
How did this get so far down?!
Why does nobody want a ret pally? -.-
Any interest in a Guardian druid?
I would be interested in a Guardian Druid, add ROnnie#1363 to contacts, also rets are fine for 25 man, they add diversity and even loot distribution plus have a nice dps boost on Garalon, but in 10 man, they are considered weak because most fights prefer Ranged and Out of the melee dps available, ret is not the highest DPS of them all, an Enh shammy, warrior, or FDK, will almost always out dps a Ret at high end raiding.
I would love to play/take a ret, but they just aren't viable in 10 man :/
Up up! People who expressed interest please contact me!
Thank you for those who have contacted me!
Official online app!!

apped! :)
Got it lol
up up! Reviewing apps tonight
WoW that went way down! I just transferred tonight so lets go! Just need to fill these last spots and we are g2g!
are you guys only doing Heroic Content?

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