[A] <Lzuruha> Is here! LFM!

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We aren't at heroic content right now, 16/16 is the goal next week!
Come one, come all going to have good times!!!!!

I dont even know where I fit in but i am here. Where you at!!!
Need more apps Divinitÿ is bored has nothing to do but look at apps. Trust me he loves it dont let him down.
Lol ty sekket for keepin the bumps up!
Interested, applying.
14/16N 487 Fury Warrior interested. You can contact me from my battle tag Sheaves#1447 or on skype nathan.sheaves.
Will contact and reply to apps when I get home! Up!
bing pong
good night every body!
bump still need more we plan on starting our progression next raid reset we plan on going 16/16n that week or as close as we can with what we have....
Up up :)
We respond to anyone and all who might be interested! Risk free just to app! Everyone has the chance for a Skype interview so you can get to know us, and we can get to know you so you can make the best choice!
Interested (: I apped!
Really need a Healer other than a pally go app plz up and away!
^ disregard that! Need DPS!
up and way
Hey, sekkett, I love you!
Come one come all

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