[A] <Lzuruha> Is here! LFM!

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Old man sekkett!
Still need more have spots open for raid starting tomorrow
To be honest, I prefer to be able to know every one of my raiders and being 25 man makes tat difficult, it might be in our future but as if this teir, I don't see it happening :/
That would be more possible, and I was actually considering it, but right now, im still just trying to fill a main team, we literally just got to the realm, I have only been here for less than 4 days lol
ret is one of those unfortunate classes, it works for 25 man for gear spread, but its not great for 10 because dks, enhs, and wars all do more dps and having melee dps is only good for like 2 fights
have a few spots left get'em before they are all gone
You guys look very interesting to me...but Saturdays are a no go for me : (
not at all? :(
need lock, hunter, mage :/
Needs are Mage,Lock, and Hunter atm
when game comes back up send me a whisper if intereested in joining tonight is the night for our guild to raid together as a new grp. We still have spots open...
I'll be on tonight before 9PM to talk to you guys about raiding
Been trying to get with you for a few days xD< when did you get in opponent? grats!
What Ilvl are yall looking for im wanting to transfer to a EDT server to raid but this toons ilvl right now is only 474.
depends on a potential recruit we have atm, But 475 is about the minimum
still need tank Lock Hunter and Boomkin /w OS Heals or Shaman Ele /w OS heals
we really need more we are laid back and new bunch looking to raid while progressing and having fun

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