If you owned a movie theater...

Wyrmrest Accord
What sort of food would you serve?

Me? I'd serve crab legs.
Breakfast foods.

Watching The Hobbit with a warm plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes?

The sauciest ribs you could find. It'd be worth it to see everyone's faces as the lights came back on.
Beans, cabbage, asparagus, eggs, and steak.

Once it's been declared a biohazard I'll collect on the insurance policy.
If I owned a movie theater I wouldn't let anyone else in, as the rest of the audience is approximately 100% of the reason I don't go to the movies anymore.


I guess I would have a fondue station set up near the front row.
I would serve all the food and somewhere there would be a movie worked in.

Actually I'd keep like...the chocolate covered pretzels and asparagus and that sorta stuff.

For research.
Quiet food, by which I mean not crab legs. I can only imagine the racket that would go on during the film, what with the crunching of exoskeleton.
Waffus~ Nice big fluffy waffus~


Forget serving food in a theater, bring a theater into the restaurant of your choice :D


Its entirely possible. Also, in case your wondering, left 4 dead on a 16' screen is a hell of a lot of fun :P
What sort of food would you serve?


I'd serve you.
Lumpia, meat on a stick, and bowls of fried rice.
Bowls of chorizo, because why not.
01/04/2013 11:16 AMPosted by Rusirus
Bowls of chorizo, because why not.

What handsome hair you have there! And those goggles...
Beer and good ol' movie theater popcorn.....

Oh, and moscato for me. Yum.
What handsome hair you have there! And those goggles...

We could go on for hours about our looks, but let's not for now.

If not, for these lesser plebia- I mean people
Various forms of chicken and fish.

No bacon allowed.
Uh I guess


an all you can eat buffet????

buffets are great

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